Solution: ‘the default gateway is not available’ – On the router or in Windows

Today we show you some solutions to ‘the default gateway is not available’, a relatively common problem. However, before starting, try pinging to see if the connection is really down.

Restart the Router to fix the error ‘the default gateway is not available’

It is possibly one of the most talked about solutions when it comes to network problems, but trust us, many times a reboot fixes the errors. In fact, for the error of ‘the default gateway is not available’, it is usually very functional.

The point is that sometimes there are momentary errors in the networks. We refer to those errors that have nothing to do with the configuration of your home, but those that appear when for some reason the Internet provider’s connection drops.

The problem is that these failures, being sudden, can deconfigure the Internet access of our router. In many cases a restart is necessary in order for the connection to arrive again. In this case, all you have to do is turn off the Router for a few seconds and restart it again.

In most circumstances, it is your help to get the router to regain its connection to the network and to completely eliminate the aforementioned error. Although sometimes it will be necessary to configure the router again.

Use ipconfig

Using the classic command “ipconfig ” you can solve the error ‘the default gateway is not available’. In case you don’t know how to do it, read the following guide in which we show you how easy it is.

cmd default gateway solution

  • Go to the start menu and type “CMD.”
  • Once the result appears, right click on it and click on “Run as administrator “.
  • After the above, the Windows command console will be displayed on the screen. Type “ipconfig / release ” and press Enter.
  • Now, you should type “ipconfig / renew ” and hit Enter again.
  • The process shown above will force a reconnection, which often helps to resolve the error. At the same time, you can also try the best CMD commands for networks , which can help with this and other problems.

Disconnect completely from the Wi-Fi network

Similar to the previous solution, disconnecting from the network of your Router can help solve the error ‘ the default gateway is not available ‘. We insist, many times it is a simple temporary error, but network devices tend to have problems accessing the information of the gateway when there are failures.

Just as the Router requires a reboot, at other times disconnecting and connecting to the network again will solve the error. In any case, if this does not work, you can try clicking on the option “Forget ” or “Stop remembering “. However, remember that if you do this you will have to enter the password again.

Connect using a cable to eliminate the error ‘the default gateway is not available’

Connecting over the wireless network is very convenient, but certain temporary errors or computer configuration errors can cause failure to connect. A bad configuration on the wireless network adapter may be the problem. Given this, it is worth trying to connect to the router through the cable.

default gateway router problem

The wired connection, in addition to being the fastest and most stable, is usually the safest and least prone to problems. It may seem counterintuitive, but many times the solution is to connect using the cable.

Clearly, this is not normal and may be due to problems with the configuration of the wireless network adapter on your computer or device. If so, there are other checks you should do, including the drivers.

Check the Network drivers

This is very rare, but installing the wrong driver can lead to connection problems. Given this, it is very important that you install the correct driver for your wireless or wired network adapter.

Downloading universal wifi and ethernet network drivers can help, but the most recommended thing is to go directly to the website of the manufacturer of your motherboard or network card and download the drivers specified there.

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