Solution: ‘My cell phone does not recognize or detect the memory card’

The internal storage capacity of cell phones always has a limit, therefore they have a slot to attach an external memory card that increases the memory space of our phones and allows us to store more images, videos and other files; however, there are times when the mobile does not recognize or read the memory card.

When the phone is not able to recognize or detect the micro SD card , as memory cards are also called, it is necessary to know why this problem occurs, since there are different types of failures that range from a simple movement of the card until the damage or detachment of one of the legs or pins that it has.

Look for the problem

This type of error is common and can be software or hardware, so the failure may reside in the cell phone or in the card itself.

Sometimes the memory moves or has simply been inserted improperly and for this reason the phone does not detect it; The first thing that is usually done in these situations is to remove the memory card, previously it is convenient to turn off the mobile, then it is inserted again in its place and the phone is turned on.

Once the cell phone has been restarted, it should read the memory and work correctly, otherwise there are other ways to try to solve the problem. 

cell phone does not recognize or detect memory card

Try cleaning the groove! ; Cell phones are filled with dust internally and the memory card slot is no exception, therefore it must be cleaned as well, for this process, the previous one is repeated, the memory card is removed which is cleaned with a lot watch out for a dry cloth; in some telephones the slot has a removable tray that must also be cleaned with great care.


If at this point the memory is still undetected, it may require another type of more complex process and may require the help of an expert.

To rule out that the problem does not lie in the card slot and check if the fault is in the phone or in the SD, we take the memory card and test it on another device, either on another cell phone or on a computer, if the card is read by another device means that the problem is with the phone; On the contrary, if you do not read it, it is the card that is damaged.

When the card is acquiring failures primarily seeks to remove content and open space in memory by deleting unimportant files, however the problem could persist, in this case the best solution is to perform a memory format in which it delete all data from the SD, said formatting better to do it from a computer

Memory card repair

To solve these faults it is necessary to make a repair , in many cases the legs or pins come off so they have to be soldered, but this process is complicated and must be carried out with extreme subtlety since if the wrong pin is touched it can be worse, it is recommended to take the phone to a technician. 

solution does not detect the memory card

In the event that it is not the card and it is the phone that is faulty, try another memory card and insert it into the microSD port.

When it is the phone that does not read any memory, the pins are checked and an attempt is made to solder them in the same way; In the case of software problems, you can restore the cell phone to how it came from the factory, this is an extreme solution since you are deleting everything from the mobile and in addition to losing the memory data, you would also lose the applications and other important information.

Having done any of these procedures, the phone should read the memory card, however there are times when the failure is fatal in which case it is advisable to expand the internal memory of the phone to have more storage space.

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