SmartFix: how to clean your computer from viruses and recover the system

Being the victim of a malware attack is something that happens to anyone, often at the most unexpected moment. The antivirus can remove the virus on the PC, but it may not be able to detect and correct various damages caused to the system files. SmartFix is ??free Windows software that allows you to solve common system problems. With its help, you will be able to continue using your computer normally after being attacked by malware.

Repair Windows after a malware attack

SmartFix is ??made to do just three jobs. You can use it when your computer is under attack and after removing the virus on the PC using an antivirus. The three options included in the program are:

  1. Perform SmartFix integration in the system recovery environment.
  2. Perform Full Network Configuration Recovery and restart the computer.
  3. Launch of AutoRuns, AdwCleaner, etc.

If you choose the first option, you can start SmartFix from the System Recovery Environment that appears when you press F8 during system boot. Then, it will start working and try to remove all suspicious malware files so that you can resume your work as quickly as possible.

The second option is useful when adware or malware change network settings. If you cannot use the Internet after an attack, you should make use of this option. It will perform a full recovery of the network settings so that you can start using the Internet normally.

The third option allows you to run multiple programs. You can download and run AdwCleaner, DR. Web CureIt, ESET Online Scanner, Kaspersky Virus Removal, etc., if you have a valid Internet connection.

You can Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool or ESET Online Scanner when your PC has malware, etc. When your computer has adware, then you should use AdwCleaner.

Fix common Windows problems with SmartFix

To start using SmartFix, you need to download it from the official website. One advantage is that it requires no installation, due to portability. When you download it, double-click the executable file to open its interface.

As we said above, you will find three options, so you must choose the one you need, according to your case. If you select the first option, you will be able to find a message on your screen that says “The integration of SmartFix in the boot menu has been completed successfully”. After that, you need to boot your system into Recovery Environment  and go to Troubleshoot > SmartFix Tool.

It will then run to find and repair corrupted system files.

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