Prices and shipping rates at Wallapop by weight and per package

Shipping prices at Wallapop vary according to the weight of the package and whether it will be delivered to a post office or an exact address at home. The price can be from € 2.95 (weight from 0kg to 2kg) to € 13.95 (package from 20kg to 30kg). If the product weighs more, the higher the price to pay. Similarly, Wallapop also has to pick up the package at home with Seur. If the seller selects this option, he will have to pay an additional € 2.25.

Wallapop is a virtual marketplace where you can buy and sell second-hand products that are in good condition such as clothes, shoes, books, accessories and other items. Compared to other companies in Spain, this platform is positioned with highly competitive and accessible prices to send products to different destinations. Therefore, in this article you will see everything you need to know about this topic.

Conditions and requirements

Before starting to detail the prices according to the number of kilograms that the package has, it is necessary to mention that Wallapop only does national shipping services within the Peninsula. International shipments to the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Andorra, Ceuta or Melilla are discarded.

On the other hand, the weight of the package cannot exceed 30kg and the sale must not exceed € 1,000. In the event that the package or sale exceeds this limit, another shipping service will have to be used. Likewise, the package must have minimum and maximum measurements allowed which are:

  • The height, length and width measurements cannot exceed 170cm (1.7m).
  • Sum of height, length and width will not have to be greater than 270cm (2.7m).
  • The minimum measurements are 15cm long x 10cm wide. If you want to send a package with measures lower than these, it must be placed in a packaging that meets or exceeds these measures.


The price of shipping a package in Wallapop will vary according to the number of kilograms it has and will take into account whether the products are sent to a Post office or to a home address. In view of this, in this list you will detail all the prices per Kg and delivery :

  • From 0kg to 2kg : € 2.50 (delivery to the Post Office) / € 2.95 (home address delivery).
  • From 2kg to 5kg : € 2.95 / € 3.95.
  • From 5kg to 10kg : € 4.95 / € 5.95.
  • From 10kg to 20kg : € 7.95 / € 8.95.
  • From 20kg to 30kg : € 11.95 / € 13.95.

Note: The seller will have to pack the product without exceeding the indicated weights or the maximum measurements allowed. You will be able to observe the packing tips in detail through thislink. On the other hand, it is necessary to mention that shipping through the Post Office is free for the seller.

Shipping with Seur

If the seller chooses this alternative, he should know that he will have an expense associated with collecting the package at home of € 2.25. On the other hand, the buyer will have to cancel the insurance cost service whose price is € 1.95 for purchases of € 1 to € 25. In purchases of € 25 up to € 1,000, the price will range between 5% and 10% of the product value.

The advantage of sending and delivering with Seur is that it will be done directly to an address. This company will make 2 attempts to deliver the package. In case it can be delivered, the product will be stored for 10 days in the Seur office closest to the delivery address so that the buyer can look for it.

Delivery times

The package is usually entered in 2 business days (maximum), whether you choose delivery through the post office or with Seur. The seller must deliver the packaged product to Seur or the Post Office within the next 5 business days from the moment the sale is formalized, otherwise the purchase will be canceled.

When the buyer receives the package, they have 48 hours to verify that the product is in good condition. If so, the seller will receive the payment by bank transfer (discounting the corresponding amounts) within a period of 2 to 5 business days. Another feature that should be noted is that both people can track the shipment to check its status.


This is an intermediary platform between sellers and consumers, therefore, it has various benefits that facilitate the buying and selling process without having to leave the application. In view of this, this list will detail the most outstanding advantages of Wallapop :

  • It has a mobile app available for bothAndroid as foriOS.


Although Wallapop has good reviews and ratings, it also has a number of unfavorable characteristics that you should consider when evaluating and comparing the service. Some of its main disadvantages are:

As you can see, the prices and shipping rates in Wallapop are accessible and vary according to the weight of the product and the delivery address. Similarly, it has a series of characteristics that benefit both parties during the buying and selling process. If you are a seller, you only have to evaluate and compare which services are more favorable for both you and the consumer.


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