Office 365: what it is, features and how it works

Office 365 is a leasing model office solution offered by Microsoft. It can be used through the OneDrive service and with internet access. Therefore, it is an immediate alternative that can be paid annually or monthly depending on the case.

office 365
Official Web sitehttps://www.office.com/
Category Office automation
Developer Microsoft Corporation
Creator Microsoft Corporation
Launch June 28, 2011
Platforms Windows, MacOS, Web, Android, iOS
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As is known, this office suite is the most widely used worldwide, with hundreds of millions of users. In this way, you will have general solutions to all kinds of problems present at a professional level.

What is it for?

Office 365 is used to perform a wide variety of office automation tasks, such as text transcription, professional email manager, generation of lists and any other requirement that may arise. Thus, there would be solutions such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and any other service included in said package.

The main function of Office 365 is that its users can make all kinds of documents online. Although for companies, office offers much more than that. Each of the main Office applications are still responsible for equipping companies with the basic tools they need to perform everyday tasks such as managing data, creating documents, among others.

How does it work?

This office automation package works under the lease modality, therefore, it is acquired for a certain amount of time. Usually, Microsoft offers the option of paying for this service on a monthly or annual basis, to provide great convenience to its users.

Regarding its mode of use, it requires access to the internet and the OneDrive service in order to function. Thus, there would be an email access to the system where all the information would be stored in the cloud.

Despite the fact that the information is temporary, Office 365 allows you to transport the files to all types of documents. Also, they can be saved in physical memories, such as a hard disk or some removable memory.

Like the traditional Windows office suite, Office 365 has all the work options. Thus, there would be Word, Excel, OneNote, Outlook and any other service offered by this great technology company.

This program allows you to work together with other people through a cloud service. Thus, the files are located on the same server, where a work team can take care of it in parallel.


There are several features that Office 365 offers. Being a fairly complete package, it is possible that there are advantages and disadvantages that need to be pointed out. In this way, you will know if it is really worth buying.


  • Multicompatible: Office 365 can be opened on all types of devices online. In addition, it allows its installation not only on Windows devices. Thus, it would also have support for Mac OS computers.
  • Files in the cloud: By purchasing this service, Microsoft will also grant you a variety of space in the cloud (depending on the plan requested). In this way, you can store all your files in this space to save storage that you can use in other types of tasks.
  • Teamwork: It can be used in large companies thanks to the fact that different users can share documents and work together. In this way, a better experience will be obtained at a professional level and all kinds of problems that may exist will be avoided.
  • It can be installed on different devices: The special Office 365 package allows it to be installed on up to 5 different devices. Therefore, it can be had in a complete home or in a work team, without any difficulty.
  • Complete: This service has the complete office suite provided by Microsoft. In addition, there are other additions such as cloud storage and other functionalities that can be accessed through this entire system.


  • Lack of applications: This version is a simpler and more basic than the desktop alternative offered by Microsoft. Therefore, there will be a wide variety of benefits, although the potency may decrease. This boils down to the fact that it may be necessary to purchase the desktop version of Office if you plan to do complex work.
  • System slowness : It is likely that the system will slow down because this service makes use of the internet and cloud storage. Even so, they are particular cases that can be solved if you have a fairly acceptable internet speed.
  • More storage space: If you want to install the Office 365 software version, you will have to have more space than another alternative provided by Microsoft. If it is on a work server, you will also have to have an additional space for all this process.


Microsoft Office 365 is perhaps the best office service that exists today. All this is due to its variety of years available in the market and the excellence it presents at all times. Even so, there are circumstances where other types of alternatives must be available, for a variety of reasons.

Google Docs is perhaps the most similar alternative to Office 365. All of this is due to the fact that it offers various specialized services that help to fulfill all kinds of jobs at a professional level. In addition, it allows to carry out work in the cloud and between several people simultaneously.

As a free alternative, FreeOffice has been very well received by the entire internet community. This tool has a design that is almost identical to Microsoft Office and allows you to create fairly complete documents. Also, it has the option to create spreadsheets and presentations.

Finally, it is necessary to mention LibreOffice, an office automation service as complete as options such as Google Docs. It is the main alternative to programs similar to Office 365. This service has support for Microsoft Docx and Doc formats. In addition, it has a spreadsheet, slide creator and word processor to have a complete service.


Office was launched on the market in August 1989 by Microsoft. Initially, all the tools offered by this package were provided individually, with Word (released in 1983) and Excel (released in 1982).

This office suite began to be offered together with Microsoft’s operating system from the launch of Windows 95. After that, every computer that had this OS would have Office installed by default.

In November 1996, he went to the market Office 97, which would be the first office suite brand in grant an e – mail manager. In addition, it would have the virtual assistant called “Clipy”, which would allow to guide users in all kinds of tasks.

The Office 2007 version , which was included in Windows Vista, began to opt for an exceptional design at the graphic level. This new interface was called Office Fluent and it marked a great revolution for this brand.

With the launch of Office 2010, what would be the Office Web Apps was incorporated , being a free alternative and in the cloud, of the office services that Microsoft would offer.

In June 2011, what would be Office 365 was released, being a cloud alternative to desktop Office. This version would allow it to be moved everywhere and would have virtual storage that would benefit its users.

Until now, Microsoft has always wanted to offer excellence in its office suite, adapting it to current needs. Thus, it continues to be used by a large number of professionals and companies worldwide.

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