Microsoft: what is it, what are its characteristics and its history

Microsoft is a multinational company focused on the technology area, which is responsible for offering a wide variety of excellent quality software and hardware. In addition, it is a pioneering company in the development of new services and technologies, standing out for being a brand with a great reputation worldwide.

Microsoft Corporation
Official Web site https://www.microsoft.com
Category Technology
Founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen
Foundation April 4, 1975
Products Windows, Office, Skype, Xbox, Bing, Linkedin, OneDrive, Outlook and others
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This company makes it possible to facilitate all types of work at a professional level and to grant the best operating system designs. Also, they have electronic equipment cataloged as the best in the world, therefore, there would always be security and excellence.

Its main products on the market are the Office office suite and its Windows operating system , which are currently highly valued alternatives. Also, its range of laptop and computer products has managed to position itself adequately in the market.


Microsoft is classified as the main multinational company in the technological field. It would have a great variety of years that support the confidence of the brand, counting on millions of clients who validate all its excellence.


  • Age of service: Microsoft has more than 30 years in the technological world, for which it would be a company with great experience in this area. Thus, excellence at all times and an incomparable quality of service can be guaranteed.
  • Reputation: This company has millions of customers who validate the service excellence that Microsoft offers. In addition, all its products are classified to high standards, being the best alternatives on the market.
  • Variety of products and services: This organization is responsible for offering a large number of technological options. Among its main products, it is necessary to mention its Windows operating system, its Office office suite, its Outlook email service and its Xbox video game platform.
  • Innovation: This company always tends to provide new technologies and is a pioneer in the development of all kinds of new options. Therefore, Microsoft is always at the forefront, seeking to provide the best alternatives that may exist in current times.
  • Excellent quality / price comparison: Despite the fact that Microsoft is classified as a brand of high standards, it always usually offers affordable prices for its customers. Therefore, this comparison is usually quite consistent with reality, being an option that can be acquired by all kinds of people worldwide.


  • Difficulty of customization: All Microsoft products and services have extremely strict terms, which indicate that it is forbidden to modify their products for any kind of purpose. Therefore, they can be considered difficult alternatives to be modifiable to adapt them to any type of style or need that is required.
  • Need for constant updating: Microsoft products usually have a fairly short life span. Therefore, in order to stay up-to-date at a technological level, it will always be necessary to constantly acquire new alternatives.


Despite the fact that Microsoft is ranked as the world’s leading technology company, there are also a variety of options that also offer incredible quality and service to their customers. All this makes it necessary to mention other alternatives similar to this brand.

Apple is one of the main alternatives. This company has all kinds of software and hardware options. This company is characterized by the exclusivity of its products and by having all kinds of platforms dedicated exclusively to its customers. Thus, it can be considered the main direct competition of Microsoft.

Another company that has achieved great success has been Google, a company that began as a simple search engine but is currently classified as one of the main companies in the world of technology. Google has all kinds of technological devices and has its own software of all styles.

Finally, Amazon is another world-class high-value tech company. It is in charge of offering the best technological products and of granting the brand’s own software options. Its main area is that of cloud services and technological innovation. This company is classified as one of the most important in the world.


Microsoft was inaugurated on April 4, 1975 by Paull Allen and Bill Gates as an alternative to the technology of that time, which would seek to provide desktop computers in all homes in the world.

The main objective of Microsoft was to create an alternative means of information storage that would replace the well-known typewriter. Thus, his creative team sought to develop machines that store a large amount of information in them without taking up a large amount of space.

This company released its first Unix-based operating system in 1980. It was called Xenix and it was later acquired by AT&T. It was developed to provide a variety of office tools that facilitated the work of that time, bringing what would now be known as Microsoft Word.

At this same time, Microsoft acquired the QDOS system (Quick and Dirty Operating System) and made some modifications to it to create its MS-DOS operating system. This was developed for the IBM PC company and allowed to be offered worldwide to a large number of companies.

By 1983, Microsoft developed its first operating system for personal computers called MSX-DOS, being an alternative to the MS-DOS OS . Thus, people would begin to acquire such software to enjoy a unique experience.

For the year 1985, the first version of Microsoft Windows came out, which was really a graphical improvement of MS-DOS. This company has the advantage of having the support of IBM to be able to position itself over other competitions in the market.

During the 1990s, Microsoft created various versions of its Windows operating system, which were the most commercialized worldwide and in the corporate sphere. In this way, the brand managed to position itself above any other alternative of that time.

In 1993, Microsoft introduced Windows NT., Being the first web browser that could be used in a UNIX environment. In turn, it would be used in Windows and Apple devices.

By the 2000s, Microsoft continued to dominate the operating system industry with Windows XP and the later version titled Windows Vista. In this way, it would be an achievement that I would keep to this day.

Throughout its history, this company has released a wide variety of services, such as OneDrive and Outlook. At the same time, it has also decided to release its range of technological products, which would have computers and laptops of incredible power.

Currently, its most recent operating system is Windows 10, being the most famous and acquired OS today. Its functionalities and design make it the main option for all kinds of people.

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