I can’t change the wallpaper in Windows 10

Changing the background of the Windows desktop is not difficult, but in some circumstances it can be complicated. If for some reason you cannot change the wallpaper in Windows 10, in this post I will show you how to fix it.

If you are looking for how to change the wallpaper, go to the link for the instructions. But if you cannot do it because the system somehow prevents you, then I invite you to follow the following instructions to try to solve the problem.

I can’t change the wallpaper

The first thing is to check if you installed any customization program on your PC. If so, it may be restricting the changing of the desktop background. Then you should uninstall it and restart your PC to get back to normal.

If the above is not what is causing the problem in your case, then you should proceed with the following steps:

# 1. Open Control Panel and select ‘Ease of Access’ Center. Then click on the link ‘Optimize Visual Display. Scroll down until you find the “make your computer easier to see” section. Once found, make sure  the background images under “Remove” (where available)  are checked. Then click, Save, Apply, and Exit.

2] Open Power Options  > Select Power Plan> Change Plan Settings> Change Advanced Power Settings> Expand Desktop Background Settings Option> Expand Presentation.

Make sure the Plugged in option is in the Available state.

3] If the above option is not too much, maybe your TranscodedWallpaper.jpg”vertical-align: inherit;”> file  has been corrupted.

Open your browser and type the following in the address bar and hit [Enter]:

% USERPROFILE% \ AppData \ Roaming \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Themes \

Then rename TranscodedWallpaper.jpg”vertical-align: inherit;”> to TranscodedWallpaper.old

Then double click on the slideshow.ini file  and open it with Notepad. Empty your content. That is, select all the text and delete it. Save the changes. Close Windows Explorer.

4] If not, Run REGEDIT and go to the following key in Registry Editor  :

 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Policies \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion

Right click on Policies> New> Key> name as ActiveDesktop  .

Then on the right side click> New> DWORD> name as  NoChangingWallPaper.

The DWORD value  1 will restrict the changing  of the desktop background. To allow change give it value like 0.

Restart your computer.

5] Alternatively, you can open the  Group Policy Editor by typing  gpedit.msc  in the Run box and hitting the Enter key.

Go to User Configuration> Administrative Templates> Desktop Click Desktop again. Double click on Wallpapers.

Make sure Not configured is selected. This will allow the option to change the desktop background.

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