How to vectorize images online: the best free tools

Vectorizing images is one of the most useful procedures when creating a logo or resizing your designs. To carry out this action there are different offline programs such as Illustrator and Photoshop. However, you will have the option of using totally free online tools, which will greatly facilitate the vectorization process, achieving great results in a practical and simple way.

This technique is based on the conversion of images created by means of pixels or bitmap, leaving as a result graphs formed by vectorized curves. One of the characteristics of these images is that you can increase or decrease their dimensions, without making them look pixelated. That is why in this tutorial you will learn how to vectorize images from the best web platforms.

Using Vector Magic

In the event that you cannot download programs that allow you to vectorize graphs, try using Vector Magic. Whose online tool is one of the most recommended to perform this technique. If you want to achieve the optimal vectorization of images, by using this tool you will obtain the expected result. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Enter the official website of Vector Magic.
  2. Drag the image you want to vectorize from the computer.
  3. It will automatically start the analysis and conversion process.
  4. Edit the image taking into account from the “Level of details”, to the settings manually. Explore its different tools.
  5. Download the image according to the modality and format of your preference.

Note : In the process of editing the image you will have the option to enlarge it to its maximum expression. This way you can make sure that the results have been as expected. The tool will even allow you to process the image with different settings, in addition to detailed editing of the final result.

Other alternatives

There are other alternatives to vectorize images online, which are based on the application of easy-to-use tools. Each of these platforms have a series of specific functions, if you want to know more about them, take a look below.


Autotracer.org, is another of the online applications that you can use to vectorize your photographs or images. As well as Vector Magic, this tool will facilitate the conversion of bitmap to any format and scale. One of the differences of Autotracer.org with respect to other apps is that it does not ask users to log in or register on the site.

To start the vectorization process in the tool, all you have to do is upload an image from your computer or through another platform. Then select the output format, choose the number of colors in the image, click process and download the final result.


Another tool that you can apply to convert an image into a vectorization, is usingOnline-convert.com. This application has a wide menu of functions to convert images, which is why it is considered one of the preferred websites by users who want to edit their graphic resources.

Its functionality is very practical, you just have to locate the “Image converter” section, press the “Select format from” button and choose “SVG” (Scalable Vector Graphics). Then you can drag the image to suit, configure it if you want, and start the conversion. Another of the peculiarities of this tool is that the result of the graph will be in black and white.


To vectorize your images, you can also count on the functions of Vectorizer.io. In addition to converting bitmaps to vectors , this tool gives you the option to undo unnecessary elements. You can also upload images from your computer or any URL and edit the result, as well as select the SVG format in which you will have the possibility to save the graphic and finally download the vector.

Vectorizer.io is a very practical and intuitive tool, and it has very specific functions in relation to the sites described above. So if you want a quick result for simple projects, this tool will be very useful.


Vectorization.org is another alternative to apply the aforementioned technique. This online application will facilitate the conversion of any image to a scalable vector format. Through Vectorization.org you can select images both online and from your computer, which is common on websites that have this feature.

Using Vectorization.org you will get a vectorized image only in black and white. However, this tool does not guarantee a variety of options to configure your images. If you want to process graphic elements for printing, you can do it through this website.

 Now that you know which are the best free tools to vectorize images online, you can optimize your time when creating designs. Since one of the characteristics that best represents the aforementioned applications is the practicality in the application of each of its functions.

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