How to use my mobile cell phone as a WiFi Router to share the Internet?

The arrival of smartphones in our lives has become a blessing, with them we can make use of useful tools. Like for example a flashlight, listen to my favorite radio stations, see my emails, take photos and even turn it into a WiFi Router . If this is how you hear it, that is why in the following article we are going to explain how to use my mobile cell phone as a WiFi Router to share the internet.

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This is something that is very easy to do if we know how to do it, no matter what type of mobile device we use or what operating system it has. So this tutorial will be for Android users as well as those who use iPhone. And so you can share the internet with your Windows computer or with your Mac computer.

If you are interested in more articles that talk about this topic and you can configure a repeater router and in this way you can improve the signal.

Here we will explain how to configure a Router as a WiFi repeater to increase and improve the signal I receive at home. But now let’s continue with our guide and you can convert your mobile phone as a WiFi Router to share the internet.

How to use my mobile cell phone as a WiFi Router to share the Internet

Although you can use any mobile device to function as a WiFi Router to share the Internet. You must make different configurations in each of them, for this reason we will show you firstly what you should do if you have an Android device . This procedure works for sharing with other devices be it Mac or Windows.

First of all we go to the Phone Settings, in this section we will find and select the More option. We will enter this window and we will go to Internet Sharing and WiFi zone. The next thing we are going to do is Activate the option Create WiFi access point , when we do this, the networks that are available at that moment will appear.

We are going to find our mobile device and the next thing we will do is enter our password. If we want to change the password or know what it is, we can click on the Configure WiFi zone option . Now we must select the Show password box so that we can see it and thus enter the correct characters.

How to use my iPhone as a WiFi Router to share the Internet

This procedure will work identically on Windows and Mac so you will have no problem sharing the internet with these devices. To begin we go to the Home page on our mobile and select Settings. Then in this window we must look for the Internet Sharing option to select it.

This action will allow us to enter its options and we must activate the Internet Share option by sliding the switch to the right. And now it will offer us several ways to connect and we must select which one we prefer. We can do it through WiFi, it also offers us to connect through a Bluetooth connection. And we can also do it through a cable, using a USB port.

Regardless of the way you choose to connect, it shows you the steps you must follow in each case. But we will recommend that you connect through Bluetooth, once this step is finished and if we are using a Mac. We are going to go to the upper right bar and select the WiFi network icon.

This action will generate the networks that are available and we must choose our device, the next thing is to enter the password so that we can have access. And in this way we will already be sharing the internet of our mobile. With other devices, be it a Mac or a Windows computer  .

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In this way we have shown you the few steps you must follow so that you can share the internet. Of course, you should know that the data of the plan you have contracted will be used, but if you have an unlimited data plan you will not have any problem and so you learned so easily today how to use my mobile cell phone as a WiFi router to share the internet.

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