How to use my iPhone or Android cell phone as a microphone on my PC?

Easily install the microphone of your mobile on your PC

You will be surprised to know that there are many ways to use the microphone of your mobile on your pc, thus allowing you to call, work or even make videos with very good, almost professional audio; Let’s look at some options.

easy, fast and safe installation of your mobile to microphone on your PC


  1. First take your mobile phone and go to the icon of the Google Play application .
  2. Next, you must have a 3.5 male Jack cable .
  3. All you have to do is connect one end to the audio input of the phone, and the other end to the microphone input of your pc.
  4. Activate the application and start the audio How? click on the middle and it will turn red and voila, start talking.


In the case of iPhone cell phones we have the ideal application for you, let’s see:

  1. To start you must have the  PP25 application store installed
  2. Enter the apple store to download the application that will allow your mobile to serve as a microphone, it is called Megaphone.
  3. You must have a 3.5 Jack male cable or auxiliary cable.
  4. Connect your phone through the audio input and the microphone input of your computer. And enter your megaphone app . By doing this, you can start using your device as a microphone on the pc.

How to use my cell phone as a web cam and microphone?

use my phone as a web cam and microphone for video conference

Knowing that you can use your mobile as a microphone on your pc, you may have the doubt whether you can also use your phone’s camera as a web cam, or if there is an application that allows you to have both. Today we will help you discover how to achieve it with the following step by step; let’s see:

What do you need?

  • Your cell phone
  • USB Cable

Step by Step

  1. Enter on your cell phone to “settings ” then to “system” being there you must go down or look for where it says “compilation number” and you must touch this option several times until the mobile tells you that you are an administrator and enter your PIN.
  2. The “programmer option ” tab will appear , enter there and then go down a bit to the “USB debugging” option and proceed to activate it. Next, you must connect your USB cable to your cell phone.
  3. When you join it to your pc you will see a box that says “Accept your device as a USB debugger “, you must click to accept .
  4. Then you will have to download the application from the Play Store: Droid camApp. When installing it, enter it, and you must give it next and press configure, if you want to use the front or rear camera.
  5. In your mobile app, some numbers will appear that you will have to copy to your pc. How do you install it on the pc?
  6. Similarly. Proceed to download it and you will quickly get a file, click extract and you will quickly see the app.
  7. Install it, when you do this you will see that the IP option is there. Enter the IP data that appears on your cell phone. Once this is done, click start , wait a few seconds and you will have your camera and microphone on your pc from your mobile ready to use

As you can see, it is really very easy not only to be able to use your cell phone as a microphone, but also as a camera; We hope that all the information we have provided you can use it in a very good way. Leave us in the comments what you think of these great tips.

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