How To Use A PC Without The Mouse – Amazing Trick

But perhaps, you have already gotten used to the exclusive use of the mouse. But for some reason it may happen that you need to know how to use the computer without using the mouse . It is possible that due to some technical inconvenience your mouse stops working or the cables that connect your mouse to the PC were accidentally cut.

Whatever the inconvenience that may happen to you, it is very useful and beneficial to know   how to use a PC without the mouse, through this incredible trick. That is why once again, we bring you an interesting tutorial that will help you and get you out of trouble. With these simple steps that you must apply on Mac or Windows computers.

pc without mouse

How to use a PC without the mouse

The simplest way you can apply to use a PC without a mouse is through the use of Keyboard shortcuts and we are going to show you below so that you can use your PC without a mouse :

Alt + Shift + Tab: Here we use three keys, when we combine them we can move between the windows and then choose which one we want to maximize.

Alt + Tab: With this combination of keys we can move between the different windows that are open. It is similar to the Ctrl + Tab combination .

Page Up, Page Down, using these keys we can move through any document from top to bottom. With the Down key, we can go down and with the Up key we can go up.

Shortcuts using the Ctrl key

The shortcuts that are most commonly used, so as not to use the mouse,    are those that are used in combination with the Ctrl key, and we present them below:

Ctrl + C: with this combination we can copy any file or text and then paste it.

Ctrl + V: with this combination we can paste a file or text that we found copied before.

Ctrl + X: by combining these keys we can cut any file or text, it will be saved on the clipboard.

Ctrl + Z: it is the most used key combination and it is used to undo any letter that we have done wrong. But it also serves to undo specific actions such as having deleted something or pasted an image that does not correspond, etc.,

Ctrl + Y: this combination is the opposite of the previous combination and you can redo any letter or action.

Ctrl + P: with this key combination you will be able to preview your document.

Ctrl + S: this combination is very useful to use, since it allows you to save the progress you have in your document and avoid losing it, if there is a power outage.

Ctrl + F: this is very particular, if we use this combination we can search the web or within programs, this without using the mouse

Ctrl + backspace: with this combination you can delete any word in any text.

Ctrl + Left or Right Arrow: with this combination we will be able to move the cursor between the letters that make up your document, this will do it, advancing word by word.

Ctrl + Home: with this combination you can move the cursor to the beginning of the document

Ctrl + End: this key combination works like the previous one, only it will direct you to the end of the document.

shortcut use keyboard

As you can see making use of the shortcuts, to move between your documents, windows, programs and the browser is very easy to do and you only needed a few minutes to know them and learn how to use them. In this way you will not have excuses when your mouse is damaged, since you can  use your PC without a mouse with the tricks that we explain here.

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