How to upload books downloaded on my PC to Google Play Books from Android for free?

Although Google Play is sometimes confused as a simple store, it is really at the same time a content store of any kind: music, movies and books.

It is another of the best products, tools and services that Google offers , being practically within the reach of any user.

At the beginning of its launch, many countries were privatized in its use and at the same time it was limited to helping the sale or promotion of books by other authors.

For its latest update it has expanded its capacity to allow the reading of those documents in PDF format or ePub files with HTML and XML found in “My files “.

Enabling the file upload option

Since its inception, Google Play Books functioned as a trained reader only for any book that was purchased from the Android Play Store.

However, they began to pay attention to the requests of users to follow the steps of Google Play Music to allow the loading and use of those files that were inside the storage of the devices.

In the event that the person contains the document they want to read on their computer, there are two simple ways to enable the transfer of information to this application.

Transfer content from computer to device storage

This procedure has little complication, since any user has ever transferred at least one file to one of their mobiles.

google book green background

Start by connecting the USB cable of the device to the preferred port of your computer, so that you only need to copy the document from your computer.

Just the menu files on your device screen appears, select the folder of your choice and press “P EGAR ” to complete the transfer.

Upload books downloaded from your PC to Google Play Books from Android

When you discover the PDF file that you want to access this application, you must attach it to an email, which you must open through Gmail from your Android.

When you click on the document, a question containing the phrase “ With which application do you want to open it? “, Where you will choose the”S ubir to Google Play Books “section to enable its appearance and reading within the application.

What should I do if I want to upload a file in EPUB format?

Google Play Books allows you to upload around a thousand PDF and EPUB documents to your account . If you have a large repertoire of electronic books in the latter format, you can apply the conversion to PDF or upload them through the Play Books web portal.

If you opt for the second option, uploading downloaded books from your PC to Google Play Books is still a fairly quick and easy process.

The access to the web version of Google Play Books you will get through it Play Store application so you can browse through the URL.

google books app

At the moment the content of the page is loaded, you will find on the left side menu under “M is books ” where deployed in grids all the books you have purchased or uploaded via Android.

At the top right of the screen you will find the “Upload files ” button, where you will select the EPUB files that you have in your documents or in your Drive account.

Directly related to the speed of your connection, the transfer of your e-books in EPUB and PDF format to Google Play Books will be completed.

From any device, by clicking on “My library “, you will find the documents to read on any of your Android devices.

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