How to unsubscribe from Amazon Prime Video and unsubscribe

To cancel an Amazon Prime Video account, all you have to do is enter the official Amazon platform, log in and go to your account settings. In this section you must find the option ” My account> Subscription ” and press the option ” Terminate subscription “. Amazon will ask you a confirmation question to assess that you actually want to terminate the service and will indicate the date on which the membership will be canceled.

Amazon Prime Video is a platform that offers a great variety in movies and series. In case you are not satisfied with the service or the free trial period has ended, in this tutorial you will see the steps you must take to unsubscribe from Amazon Prime Video both from the computer and from the mobile application. In this way you will avoid an additional charge being made to your credit card in the following month.

Steps to follow

The only thing you will need to unsubscribe from Amazon Prime Video is the application on your mobile phone or enter the web platform through a computer. Remember to have the username and password available to access the portal and follow the steps that will be explained below:

  1. Sign in to Amazon Prime Video using thislink.
  2. Go to your user icon and click on ” Settings and account “.
  3. Click on ” Terminate subscription “.
  4. Click on ” Ends in (date indicated by Amazon Prime Video) “.

Note: It should be mentioned that these steps can also be applied if you use the mobile application.

Cancel channels

If you want to know how to cancel Amazon Prime Video channels, below you will see the steps you must take to fulfill this objective, either from the computer or through your Smartphone.

From the website

Unsubscribing Amazon Prime Video channels from the web portal is not a complicated task. You just have to follow the steps that will be mentioned below:

  1. Enter and log in to Amazon Prime Video from herelink.
  2. Click on the icon of your user and click on ” Settings and account “.
  3. Click on ” Channels ” and click on ” Cancel channel “.
  4. Confirm by pressing the ” Cancel channel ” button.

From the app

From the Amazon application you can also cancel the channels you have purchased on Amazon Prime Video. You just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Download Amazon Prime Video. You can do it using thislink for Android cell phones and through thislink for iOS phones.

  • Click on the gear icon in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Choose ” Manage Prime Video Channels “.
  • Log in with your username and password.
  • Click on ” Cancel channel “.
  • Confirm the action by clicking on ” Cancel channel ” again.
  • Cancel Amazon Prime

    If you have purchased the Amazon Prime Video subscription through Amazon Prime, then the procedure to follow to unsubscribe from this service is completely different. In the following sections you will find the steps that you must carry out according to this context.

    From the web

    Canceling Amazon Prime subscription through computer is the most common method among users. In view of this, here you will see the procedure to follow to cancel the service:

    1. Enter Amazon Prime through thislink.
    2. Place the mouse cursor on ” Accounts and Lists.” Click on ” Identify yourself “. Log in with your email and password.
    3. Hover over ” Account and Lists ” and choose ” Account.”
    4. Click on ” Amazon Prime “.
    5. Swipe and go to the left side of the screen to go to “ Manage Membership ”. Select ” End your trial and your benefits.”
    6. Press ” Cancel “.
    7. Click on ” End my subscription “.
    8. Choose ” Cancel Membership ” to finish the process.

    From the app

    If you have the ” Amazon shopping ” app on your iOS or Android phone to manage services more comfortably, then you will have a faster option to unsubscribe from Amazon Prime Video. To do this, you must perform the steps that you will see below:

    1. Download the ” Amazon shopping ” app . If you have an Android cell phone, this is thelink to use. If you have an iOS, press thislink. Then log in.

    2. Press the three horizontal lines located in the upper left corner of the screen.
    3. Click on ” My Account “.
    4. Click on ” Amazon Prime Membership “.
    5. Select ” Manage Membership.”
    6. Choose ” Membership “.
    7. Press ” End membership and benefits.”
    8. Press ” Cancel “.
    9. Press ” End my subscription “.
    10. Choose ” Finish Now ” to finish.

    The procedure to unsubscribe from Amazon Prime Video is not complicated. In fact, the steps are really simple to execute since you only have to log in and go to your account settings. From then on, you only have to decide if you want to cancel the subscription to this service only, cancel the channels or cancel the membership completely.


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