How to unlock the touchpad of my Toshiba laptop | Windows 8 and 10

What is the touchpad or touchpad on a Toshiba laptop ? How can I enable, activate or unlock the touchpad or touchpad of my Toshiba laptop? What steps do I need to follow to unlock my laptop’s touchpad?

Most laptops such as laptops or netbooks have a built-in touch panel, commonly known as a touchpad. A touchpad or trackpad is the alternative to a traditional mouse.

Some laptops may have this function blocked. However, activating, enabling or unlocking it is extremely simple, so today at miracomosehace we will explain how to do it.

What is the touchpad or touch panel of a Toshiba laptop?

In case you’re wondering what is the touchpad? This is an alternative to the conventional mouse or mouse. The touch panel or touchpad is found in most portable computers, such as laptops or netbooks.

The touchpad or touch panel in a Toshiba laptop is located at the bottom of the keyboard, this is accompanied by two keys or buttons that have the same function as the right and left button of a traditional mouse or mouse.

If you have a traditional mouse or mouse, you can deactivate the touchpad or touch screen of your laptop , so you can avoid errors, give incorrect clicks or access unwanted sections.

unlock touchpad touchpad on my laptop

However, if you do not have a mouse or mouse in your Toshiba laptop or laptop, you can unlock the touchpad or touchpad. This is quite useful to use the laptop more comfortably. It is also as simple as activating or deactivating the camera of your laptop.

Where is the touch input on my Toshiba pc?

The touch input on a Toshiba pc is located exactly at the bottom of the keyboard, therefore, it is accompanied by several or more buttons, fulfilling the same function as the button on the right and also on the left of a mouse.

How do I unlock the touchpad or touchpad of my laptop?

To unlock the touchpad or touchpad of a Toshiba laptop you will need to activate the Fn key on your laptop. To do this you just have to hold down the ‘Num Lock’ key while pressing the ‘Fn’ key.

Once you activate the Fn key on your Toshiba laptop or notebook, you must locate the one with a touch screen icon among the keyboard function keys. The function keys are located at the top of the keyboard, they are those that go from ‘F1’ to ‘F12’.

The key with the touch screen icon is usually the one with a large rectangle and two small rectangles below it. This represents the touchpad and its buttons or keys.

Finally, to unlock the touchpad of your Toshiba laptop, you must press the function key that has the touch screen icon and the ‘Fn’ key at the same time. In case you cannot activate the touchpad of your Toshiba laptop, try pressing both keys several times in a row.

laptop toshiba touch touchpad panel

Once you have unlocked the touchpad of your laptop or laptop, if it is slow or has lost its configuration, you can improve the sensitivity of the touchpad through the control panel.

Advantages and disadvantages of using the Toshiba touch panel

Among the great advantages of using the Toshiba touch panel, we have:

  • It provides us with greater efficiency and of course speed when looking for content that we want.
  • In the same way, it completely avoids the use of a keyboard, as we are traditionally used to.
  • We will have better legibility and font sizes to write more comfortably at all times.
  • It mostly favors interaction with the user.

There are also downsides to using those touchpads, such as:

  • In some cases it may happen that the touch panel is stuck or unresponsive, causing concern and loss of time.
  • They are not so manageable for people new to the world of technology.

How to activate and deactivate the panel with F9

To do this is very easy and simple, from their factory these devices come with the use of the ” F9 ” key to activate and deactivate the panel, we just have to hold down said key for about a few seconds, and there we decide if we want to activate or deactivate it.

toshiba laptop

How to disable the touchpad

We have several options when we want to disable the touch panel, such as:

Using the correct shortcut

In case you are unable to unlock, activate or enable the touchpad or touchpad on your Toshiba laptop, there is a second way or keyboard shortcut to do so. For this you only have to:

  • Click on the key that has the Windows icon, it is at the bottom of the keyboard. In case your laptop keyboard does not have this key, you can press ‘Ctrl + Esc’.
  • Next, with the help of the arrows, locate the control panel of your laptop. Once inside this you must go to the ‘Mouse’ or ‘Mouse settings’ section.
  • A new window will appear on the screen containing the mouse settings. To access the configuration tabs you must click on the ‘Alt’ minus ‘F’ keys.
  • After the configuration tabs appear, you must go to the ‘ Laptop Configuration’ or ‘Touchpad’ section. Then you must press the ‘Tab’ key and go to the ‘Enable’ option, in this way you will have unlocked the touch panel or touchpad of your laptop.

From BIOS setup

  • To do this, we only have to turn on our computer or laptop, to enter the BIOS configuration, it is necessary to press the ” F10 ” key or, failing that, the ” F2 ” key.
  • To navigate through the BIOS window, we must use our  traditional keyboard.
  • We enter ” advanced ”, then we select the option that indicates ” system properties ”, then ” device options ” and finally we press the ” enter ” key.
  • Among several options that will be broken down, we select the one that says “internal pointing device”, then we choose whether to activate or deactivate and press “enter”.
  • We press the ” escape ” key, to exit, and return to the BIOS menu, then we click on ” save changes ”, and that’s it.

In mouse settings

We just have to access ” mouse settings ”, so, we select ” touch panel ”, then we look for a switch, and we choose if we want to deactivate or enable said configuration.

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