How to uninstall Nvidia or Intel graphics card drivers | Display Driver Uninstaller

In today’s article, you can quickly learn how to uninstall NVIDIA or Intel graphics card drivers with Display Drivers Uninstaller.

The best way to proceed is to remove or erase old drivers by downloading the NIVIDIA control panel and updating them later .

Every so often new versions of drivers for our graphics card come out. Obviously it is very important to update, since these versions improve the operation of the same, the performance with several games, etc.

But should we uninstall the old drivers first ? The answer is yes. The first thing you have to do is delete those old drivers to make way for the new ones. But the Windows uninstaller is pretty basic and it certainly falls short.

So what we are going to do is use a very interesting app that will not only allow us to completely remove the drivers from the operating system. If you don’t delete the logs as well, in a nutshell it will be as if the driver had never been installed.

The best of all is that using this app is extremely simple, it is very intuitive so you will not have any kind of problems in this regard. We are going to see a fairly detailed and quick guide so that you can update your computer’s drivers.

How to remove NVIDIA or Intel drivers with Display Driver Uninstaller

We recommend that before uninstalling the drivers you currently have, be sure to download the updated drivers from the official NVIDIA website for the specific model of your graphics card.

As soon as you enter the website you will have to choose the type of product and its series, also the family, the operating system and the language in which you want the drivers.

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In the case of Intel you can do the same from their website where you can find a section on “Graphics drivers “. In it you have all the drivers that you can download for the integrated Intel cards, you must specifically look for the model of yours, do not download just any.

It is very important that before uninstalling you make sure that you have the drivers downloaded just in case. Nobody wants to run out of graphics card drivers on their computer, right? Now we are going to proceed with the uninstallation of the old drivers.

Remove drivers with Display Drivers Uninstaller

Now if we want to uninstall the drivers we must use a program that makes the whole process easier and even speeds it up: Display Drivers Uninstaller. This totally free program takes care of uninstalling all drivers and completely cleaning the Windows registry. Leaving only the generic controller.

This same program allows you to clean not only the registry of the controller, but also removes all the settings and entries related to it. In this way, the system is completely clean to be able to install the new version. Which would be the ideal.

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After uninstalling the old drivers, what we must do is proceed with the installation of the new ones. Those that we downloaded previously and this is something extremely simple. We will simply have to double-click on the file that we previously downloaded. The installation wizard will start to run and all we have to do is click “Next ” and “Next ” like any other program.

If you want to stop to read a bit of certain characteristics, it would be the most recommended. But don’t worry either because the installer is quite simple and installs what is necessary for your graphics to work in optimal conditions.

In case you have any doubts or questions about how to erase my graphics card drivers to update them with or without programs. Then you can leave it in the comments section, as always and we will be happy to help you where possible.

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