How to turn your computer into a cash register

\ There can often be the disadvantage of needing a cash register in case you own a business, the problem is that said business does not have enough profits to be able to afford one, or capable and the income of the company can pay for a but in the long term, so it is not feasible at the moment.

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What is the importance of the cash register in a business?

The cash register is a mechanical or electronic tool capable of saving the money obtained from sales, however, said electronic device is also capable of recording and calculating commercial transactions that occur in the business so it can work to keep a good control of the transactions that occur and also facilitate the knowledge of the sales that have been had in the day.

In addition, some cash registers have a system capable of printing invoices or payment receipts for customers who request it, either through it or by connecting it to a fiscal or normal printer.

There is an alternative for the cash register in case of not having enough economic capital to be able to afford a machine like this, and that is by installing a program or software with functions similar to those of a cash register on our PC, so we will practically convert our computer in an electronic cash register so that it has a system similar to that of cash registers

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What do I need to turn my PC into a cash register

To do this, we will first have to download a series of softwares that we must later install on the same PC so that it is able to function as a cash register for our business and has an operating system capable of recording transactions and the money that has been obtained. in sales of the same business.

There is a wide variety of programs for this, in this article we managed to collect a variety of them that could be very useful and can serve very well for this purpose, then we will show you several programs and software that you can download and install on your computer to turn it into a cash register for your business:

  • Cooper POS

The Cooper program is a POS software that can work for all types of businesses, with Cooper you will be able to manage your business or store, with respect to its actions, currencies and finances that occur within it, among the functions that can be performed with cooper we can find

  • Business inventory control
  • It has a support capable of identifying multiple currencies 
  • It allows us to have different forms of payment either online or through the same system
  • Allows the option to refund money to customers
  • Customer Management

It should be noted that in order to obtain the cooper program it is necessary to buy it in order to have the full experience of the program and have all its updates, in case you do not have enough budget to buy it, you can purchase the demo version that has its most options. basic.

  • Vend

The Vend program is one of the most widely used cash register and POS software in the United States as it is capable of streamlining the sales process for retail companies and small businesses.

It also offers various forms of payment, such as payments by debit card, credit card since it can connect with a POS equipment , and more importantly, it has a very efficient and easy-to-use cash register function. It has certain important characteristics such as:

  • Make custom and logo invoices and receipts
  • Create individual accounts for company staff and even track business sales
  • It is able to work without the need for an internet connection
  • Records all movements that have cash from the cash register

Vend is a program and software that in order to access 100% of its functions, we must pay for a plan and make a monthly payment for it, the starter package has a cost of $ 69 per month and is designed to be used by three users with a single point of sale or computer POS.

Cash Register Software for PC – Virtual Cash Register

A software that is capable of turning your computer into a register will make it acquire the characteristics of a POS. This is a system that allows you to connect with the bank and carry out transactions with the cards that are registered in it.

It is in this way that cash register software works. Still, we remind you that Ms Excel is capable of doing everything you want and more – you just have to know how to configure it.

There are a large number of companies in charge of these programs, all of which differ in their budget. Therefore, they are also differentiated by the quality of their product.

Each of these companies differs from the other by the way in which the programming of the cash system works, but the level of security offered by the systems they create under the company name is also very important .

This is because it is quite simple to imagine how much a hacker could accomplish if he managed to access the register’s database.

That is why there is a company based in both France and Italy called Infocert. This has created an award called the NF525 rule. This certificate is the highest award that POS type software can receive and verifies its complete security of execution.

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Cash register apps for tablet or mobile

It is very important that you know that not all people have the ability to have a computer in their business, and in fact, do not feel sorry if you cannot have it now. The important thing is that you can make money with what you have on hand, and in this case, you can use your phone and turn it into a POS.

This is very important, since the accessibility of telephones makes them perfect candidates to be a POS. Many companies sell special covers that allow you to have a bank card reader on your phone.

Even so, if your business has certain criteria, it is important that you know that there are several ways by which you can turn your phone into a POS.

Among the best apps to turn your phone into a POS are:

  • If you have a restaurant or are in the hospitality business, we recommend Camarero 2.0 POS. If you have a restaurant, connecting this app between several phones will allow you to send orders directly to the kitchen. It can also be easily connected to a printer to give invoices.
  • In case you have a store of various products, or a warehouse, we recommend that you download TabShop POS. This is because it has a series of advantages that make it stand out such as:
    • receive paypal
    • ability to handle tables / customers
    • scan codes
    • administration of promotions and application at the time of sale
  • In case you can’t decide between the two, we have the best option of all: Shop Assist Point of Sale. This program is very useful. It has all the capabilities of the other two. Also the use of credit cards. Finally, it allows you to secure your data through a cloud storage system that is created with your Gmail account.



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