How to take photos or images from a video without a program? – Fast and easy

How to take photos or images from a video without a program? – Fast and easy

The process of capturing an image or photo can be a nightmare if you don’t know how to do it. Today, there are many tools on the web that promise to capture images, but the vast majority of applications require a paid version to take advantage of this feature. Therefore, it is worth discovering some way to get photos from a video without using additional programs.

Here we explain everything you need to know to take photos or images from a video without any program in a simple and fast way.

What is a video player?

It is an application that allows the execution of video and audio files on a computer or mobile device. In this sense, Windows 10 has a multimedia file player called Windows Media Player that is very useful for playing music, videos and movies. Also, you can find the best online video players if you don’t want to download any application on your PC.

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Procedures for taking photos or images from a video without a program

If you need to obtain an image or take a photo from a video without installing any application, you must follow one of the procedures that we present below.

Capture the image by means of a key

If you have the “Winamp” multimedia file player, open the video from where you want to get the photo or image. When the video is playing, press the “Pause” button and the “Imp Pt” key just the second the image you want to capture is displayed. Then, enter the “Paint” application and press the “Ctrl + V” keys .

In this way, you will paste the image you just captured in the “Paint ” image editor . There you can crop the photo and adapt it to the size you prefer and save it on your hard drive.

Use Windows Media Player

With Windows Media Player you can take photos or images from a video. Although this is not the best alternative to Windows Movie Maker to edit videos, you can take advantage of the Windows Media player by entering the “Tools” menu and clicking “Options”. You will see a new window with several tabs from which you must select “Performance”.

Proceed to modify the Video Acceleration in the lower part of the window by selecting the “None” option. Press the “Apply” button, wait a few seconds and then click “OK.”

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Capture the image from Windows Media Player

Once you have modified the video settings of the Windows Media player you can now open the video from where you will get the photo. Pause the video at the moment where the image in question appears and press the “Imp Pnt” key.

When you paste the image in another application, you will see exactly what was on the screen when you took the capture. It is important to note that the quality of the image will depend on the quality of the video. Finally, go back to Windows Media Player and change the “Video Acceleration” to the “Full” option.

Use the Windows 10 video editor to take photos or images from a video without a program

Another alternative to take photos or images from a video without an extra program is the “video editor” built into Windows 10. To access the video editor, you must locate the “Photos” application. There you will find several tabs, of which you must choose “New Video”.

In “the project library” insert your video by pressing the “+ Add” button. You will see a screen with the video. Press the “Pause” button as soon as the image of your choice is playing and click on the “rectangle icon” at the bottom of the screen right next to the “Speed” option.

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