How to take or take photos against the light using the flash of a cell phone – Step by step

Given the great evolution of mobile devices and terminals, we can find new and incredible functions that in the past we would never have imagined finding on our phone. Within these new options we can denote some that have stood out from the others such as processors, storage | of the devices and perhaps the most important, the camera, also counting the resolution and the great quality in images and photos that it can capture.

Given the continuous creation and demand for mobile devices, the implementation of increasingly powerful cameras, with much higher capacities, has been taken into account, in such a way that some of the best terminals can capture images and videos with the same or even higher quality and resolution than a lot of professional cameras thus declaring the end of the idea that we necessarily need a pro camera to take a good photo.

As we have been telling you, the great advances in technology have overcome barriers to give way to the development of new inventions. In previous years, the introduction of high-quality cameras has been the hook before the updates of mobile terminals in different major brands.

To the point that today there are mobile phones with extraordinary capabilities to be able to take any type of photo or video, with professional tools to make them perfect.

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Taking into account the above aspects, you will surely be wondering about these professional tools within the camera of our mobile device, what they are and how we can use them. Relax, this is what we are for. Below we will explain about each of these details and how we can take all kinds of photos using these tools. So stay with us and we will tell you all about all this.

What are professional tools?

One of the options that were added in this new era of high-quality and high-resolution cameras for our devices is the option to capture photos and videos in the most professional and customizable way possible.

Thanks to these options we can change a large number of aspects in our photos, such as the intensity of the light, if you want it to be stronger or increasingly opaque, the focus of the lens depending on what you want to capture in your camera. .

Within this approach we will have the possibility to take distant photos either to landscapes or mountains, to take photos at night , as well as to capture small or medium objects up close, creating blur around the lens.

On the other hand, we can also change the type of scene depending on where we are present or what we want to capture, showing photos with fluorescent, incandescent, sunny, cloudy effects, with relative shade and also without it.

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On the other hand, there are different ideas that you can execute to make a good photo scene to capture. One of them is backlit photos. These can usually become very complicated and complex to take either by sunlight or to use professional tools properly. Normally for this to have a perfect tone we will have to use a large number of accessories to make this shot in the best possible way.

But don’t worry, there are other simpler ways, even possible on your device. So below we will tell you how to capture a good photo against the light with flash from your mobile terminal.

How can we take a photo against the light using the flash of our device?

To perform this task in the best possible way, we will have to enter the professional tools option of our camera. Once we have the objective on stage, we will verify that there is a good current of light, either solar or artificial.

Bearing this in mind, we will use the ISO option and we will modify it from automatic ISO to ISO 100. Then the photo will become more opaque to the point that the light will be the strong point to portray in the photo. All this without Flash.

While in order to achieve this shot with the flash of your phone we will have to change the ISO to a much denser perspective, in this way when the camera is focused on the objective it will no longer be dark and not visible, this time it will be possible see said point, in addition to obtaining a delineated outline around it.

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