How To Subtitle Your Movies – The Best Trick

How to subtitle your movies quickly and easily

In the event that the movie you want to play already has subtitles incorporated, we just have to go to the audio option of the video. This will depend on the program or platform you are using.

If it is a movie from a platform such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, to place the subtitles we just have to look for the language option to change the language and have the movie played dubbed in your preferred language.

We can also go to the subtitles section to add them and play the movie in its original language to use the subtitles on Netflix or another similar platform.

Generally these options of the language and audio of the video can be found at the bottom of the screen without any problem.

settings for audio and video in movies

As you can see, putting a subtitle to a movie or series when it already has them incorporated is very simple, we just have to modify the playback preferences.

How to subtitle a movie with an SRT file

The problem arises when we have the movie downloaded on a USB stick or on your computer and we want to play it with a video player. Many times .MP4 video files do not have subtitles built in.

Don’t worry, you can get an SRT file. These files contain information inside that will allow you to add subtitle tracks to your movies. You can download it from the browser with the name of the film or in the case of series, by its name and chapter.

In addition, if you watch your movies from your own smartphone, it is also possible to put subtitles on your videos from Android.

You must verify that the file has an SRT extension. To be able to locate it more easily, we recommend that when you save it on your computer, you do it in the same folder where the movie is located and if possible with the same name.

In this way the search will be more practical. There are many video players, however, we recommend VLC Player. In case you have it, you can download and install it in a few minutes with the help of the wizard, you just have to follow the steps that it indicates.

remote control with buttons for language and subtitles

We recommend that, once you have managed to download movies and series , you use this player because it is one of the easiest to use, and it is compatible with various video formats.

How to subtitle a movie?

Once you have the SRT file on your computer, we are going to play the movie. Once you have the screen with the video playing you must right click with the mouse button.

In the drop-down list you must search and position yourself on Subtitles and then choose the track. Some SRT files have more than one track, each with the name of the language it will play.

Another way to add a subtitle in case you cannot see the tracks, is by clicking on the playing video with the right button of the mouse and positioning ourselves on Subtitle and then on Add subtitle file.

The file explorer will open, look for it in the folder where you downloaded it and select it. Then click OK to add the file.

Now we only have to choose the language that we want to translate the movie within the language options that the SRT file allows us. On the other hand, if you watch your movies or videos from YouTube, you can also simply activate the subtitles of YouTube videos if these are available.

As you can see, it is very simple to put subtitles to a movie with this trick. If you have questions about this tutorial you can leave it in the comments.

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