How to set the size of a packet when using Ping command?

Many times it is necessary to set the size of a packet using the ping tool. This p ara determine if possible increase or check for connection between devices. Ping is one of the main tools to see how fast the internet connection is, and how much is lost in the process between uploading and downloading data.

What should you do to set the size of a packet using Ping?

Actually, knowing the size of a package is quite simple, it will all depend on what computer and software you use. There are packages like Linux or Mac that reach about 56 bytes, while Windows is left with about 32 bytes, you should know that the package will always have a few bytes more.

To get to know the size of the package of your computer, you must start a procedure that is recommended, be read before it is done. First, you must enter the start of your computer, type “Terminal “, click on the application that has appeared, this will give you access to the system allowing you to ping CMD in Windows .

Once there, you can see that you have a line to write commands, type “ping –l” if you use Windows or “ping -s” if you use Linux or Mac (there are many commands that can be used, so it is recommended that look for the best CMD commands , so that you get a better handle on Windows).

After the corresponding letter according to your operating system, you must put the IP address of the computer or internet connection that you want to diagnose. For example, in Windows it would look like “ ping –l”, writing this, you must press “ Enter ” for the command to be entered into the system.

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This allows the evaluation to take place. The result appears in a matter of seconds, allowing you to see the size of the packet and whether or not there is data loss.

How to analyze the results when setting the size of a packet using Ping?

The data provided by the system are of great interest, helping to know if our network or the device in question has a good connection. This system performs the test by sending files from one point to another on the network and vice versa, evaluating the upload and download speed of the data.

In this way, it is determined how fast the connection is between the devices. This is measured in milliseconds and three data of great interest are provided. The first is the upload speed, the second the download speed and the third, an average between both values, helping to know where the fault is.

Additionally, the data of the tests carried out by the system are displayed. Allowing to know how much has been sent, how much has been received and if there is any loss of data. The interpretation of this data after establishing the size of a packet can lead to connection failures, managing to greatly improve the browsing experience.

Why is this process so necessary?

Those people who create content or play online will be able to understand more easily the importance of this data, the Ping is something important in this world.

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The size of the data packet allows you to know how fast the Internet connection is and the faster it is, the better the experience of online games and data uploading. Likewise, it can be said that with an adequate data packet and a few millisecond ping, great gaming experiences can be obtained.

The longer the time set, the slower it will be to send and receive data and with it all the searches and connections that we want to make will be slowed down. A tip to improve the data is to disconnect all the devices that you are not using, surely when setting the size of a packet the results will be excellent.

Finally remember that you can also ping an IP address or web page , and in the same way you can do a custom ping with Windows PowerShell , but the processes are obviously different from what you saw today (with similarities), so yes you want to know more about these and therefore your computer should look for more information.

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