How to sell on Amazon: complete guide and tricks to be successful as a seller in 2021

Amazon is one of the largest and best-known multi-category sales websites in the world. Therefore, many stores or entrepreneurs decide to go to this page to offer their articles or, if applicable, services. Now, what is the correct method of approaching these types of pages on the Internet and maximizing sales? A complete guide on how to do it is shown in the following post.

In this sense, as an entrepreneur or micro-entrepreneur, you should know that you have many advantages when deciding to be part of this virtual sales network. However, this is not as simple as it seems, because, like you, there are a large number of individuals who seek the same result. However, by applying the indicated strategies, you can be successful when selling your products on Amazon. To learn more about the subject, read on.

Important aspects to consider

Although Amazon is the giant of digital sales, there are some aspects that should be taken into account when entering the sellers area. Which are described below:

  • You will be successful if your product is low-competition: that is, a product that does not have everyone, has a greater chance of success than one with a list of sellers behind. So, if you plan to venture into sales, you should opt for an item that is low competition.
  • It is a good option if you do not have your own online store: Amazon offers a world of possibilities to those who decide to take risks and bet on selling their products on the web. This could help you expand your customer base if you don’t have your own ecommerce, something that is positive and could be taken as an advantage.
  • You need a good price and sales margin: Large companies with an attractive sales volume and price margin have a greater chance of success in stores like Amazon. That is why, if your production budget is small, you should try other alternatives.
  • Remember that Amazon will charge you commissions : it is important to note that Amazon has fixed rates and commissions for the sales of your products. If you want to know more details about it, you can enter the following Amazon link where this is detailedhttps://sellercentral.amazon.com/gp/help/external/200336920?language=es_ES&ld=ASMXSOADirect

Knowing this, it will be easier to determine if you want to continue with your sales plan in the most popular Marketplace on the Internet. In which case you should continue reading the rest of the post to know everything about the subject.

How to register

Although it may seem like the most obvious step in the process, registering on the Amazon website is very important to be able to start selling your products. For this you can go tothis link and complete the registration form. It is very fast and does not require complicated procedures, on the contrary, you simply have to provide your name, email, password and complete the verification of characters in an image.

After this step, you must go to the inbox of the email indicated during registration and verify your account with the code received in the message from Amazon. Once you are able to enter, you will have to complete some additional profile data, such as: country of residence, type of company, telephone number, credit card that allows payments, identification data, among others.

When you have completed all the necessary forms and verified your identity through an accredited document for this (DNI or Passport), you can advance to the next phase of the process, publish your products for sale. Now, before you can do it, it is necessary to know the specific category in which you will compete, through a complete market study.

Types of sellers

When registering, you must establish what type of seller you are. Now, according to the categories offered by Amazon, you can be:

  • Professional Salesperson : If you plan or have a sales rate of more than 40 products per month. Which leads to the payment of a VIP membership whose cost starts at € 39 (Without VAT), in addition to the sales commission for each item, which varies based on its cost. This type of seller has multiple advantages, among which we could mention: presence in the five Marketplace sites, security and protection against fraud, sale of products in all Amazon categories, etc.
  • Individual seller : Applies if your sales level is less than 40 products per month. It does not require any additional payment to the sales commission per item and it does not offer other advantages in addition to the known ones: Security and protection against fraud, selling on the five Amazon sites, assistance to sellers, etc.

Market analysis

As is known, Amazon is a store with high sales volume, so the categories and products seem infinite when searching the web. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out a detailed analysis of the competitive market, in this way you will avoid problems in the future. To do this, you must evaluate the section of the store in which you consider, would be your product, the sale price, the opinion of the public or the demand for it.

Search tools

Using the reverse search method or the navigation bar of the same Amazon site, could help you determine the data mentioned in the previous paragraph. However, this can be a tiring job if you think about all the time it would take to study the category in question and separate the ” best-selling ” products from those that, in the eyes of the user, do not generate great appeal.

Luckily, there are tools that facilitate this type of work, one of them is Jungle Scout. Which works as a browser extension, allowing those who use it the possibility of studying in a practical and simple way the list of Amazon products in any category. Now, it is important to mention that it is paid and has subscription plans that range from € 29 to € 84 per month.

However, with the help of this tool you will be able to know the volume of sales, profit margin and other important data about each category of products. Having this information you can determine whether or not it is feasible to sell in the selected sector. It should be mentioned that, if this is led by a specific group of sellers, it is not recommended that you enter this ar

Reputation of other sellers

Another important aspect when studying the competition on Amazon or any other type of market is the reputation of other brands or, in this case, sellers. If they are good, you will know that their products have been responsible for building loyalty to their audience and, therefore, it will be very difficult to beat them or place the first place among customers. Whereas, by being negative, neutral or having a bit of both, you will have the opportunity to grow and sell your items.

In this sense, you should know that the number of positive or negative reviews is important for Amazon’s ranking when positioning a product. To know how good or bad the reviews of each seller and their products are, you can do it manually or use the same Jungle Scout extension. This will help you discover if your article covers customer reviews and bet on publishing them for sale.

Cost-benefit balance

Knowing the cost-benefit balance is another important factor when studying the market. Well, this analysis allows you to calculate an approximate value or to know exactly the amount of income you will receive, based on the investment made. To help you in this area it is necessary that you evaluate, with the help of a tool, the profit margin that each product yields.

This way you will have a clearer idea of how much money you will get for each product sold and, based on this, determine an estimated amount of profit per month. Which will help you to know the profitability of your business in the short, medium or long term.

Publish your products

Taking into account each of the factors mentioned in the previous section, you can start with the publication and sale of your products on Amazon. Now, this stage of the process is divided into five important levels: Creating the product list, uploading images with good resolution, adding an attractive and favorable price, sending the articles and, best of all, receiving your profits. Learn more about each one below.

Product list creation

In order to create your list of products on Amazon, you must log into your account, go to the ” Inventory ” section and select the option ” Add a product ” from the drop-down menu. Once there, the store will ask you to find the item in question in the catalog of existing products in it. For this you can use the barcode, the EAN code (European Article Number) and even write the name of the product directly in the corresponding field.

Now, if for some reason you do not have an EAN code, you can turn to companies such asAecoc orGS1 Spain to achieve this, as it is necessary to be able to publish your products on the web. However, if you cannot find this requirement, you still have some options on Amazon to offer your items, including theexemption for the category to which it belongs.

When everything is ready, you can advance to a new window in which you must fill in all the remaining information of the item, such as weight, color, size, size (if applicable), etc. In case your product is already in Amazon Stock, the category and subcategory will be assigned and you will save some time. However, if it does not appear, you will have to create a new list and complete this information, according to what you consider most accurate.

Upload photos of your articles

Being able to have good images that show each part of your product and even adding some videos of its operation will give you greater sales possibilities. That is why you must take into account some important points when taking the photographs that you will upload to the web:

  • The images must be in a good size : In this way, all the details of the product will be noticed when placing the pointer on it and zooming in.
  • Do not limit yourself to a single angle : Take shots from different angles so that the most outstanding characteristics of the product are seen.
  • Take it to editing and remove any background : Articles with a white background stand out more in images than those with color, texture, etc., so be sure to edit your photos to eliminate this type of detail.
  • Leave only the necessary space: When editing, it also eliminates excessive margins that minimize the size of the product or make the image smaller than it actually is.

Set an attractive and competitive price

Price is an important factor when selling any product, too high a cost is not attractive to the customer and it is not competitive either. While a very low one generates long-term losses and this is not what is sought when undertaking this type of business. That is why, taking into account the cost-benefit balance and the price list of the competition, you can establish the appropriate monetary value for your items.

Now, you should not evaluate only Amazon sellers, remember that on the Internet there are many online stores that offer affordable costs to the public. Some even bet on offers or discounts in their Stock, so
ou must be very attentive to the price of the competition to offer something really competitive and, above all, attractive to your customers.

Choose a shipping method

When selling in stores like Amazon, you have the option to choose between sending the product yourself to the customer or leaving everything in the hands of the Marketplace logistics team, also called FBA. Which is a service that allows you to dedicate the time that you would spend on shipping procedures, on other more profitable activities for you.

They are responsible for getting the product to the user safely and, in the event of returns, processing them automatically. Now, in order to contract this service, you must send your items to Amazon warehouses in advance, so that they can take care of the shipment when someone makes the respective purchase in any of the authorized sites of the store.

If you decide to use the store’s logistics service, you must select your products once you have uploaded them to the system and select the option “ Ship or restore inventory ”. Then set the units and create the labels for each one, which will be kept in PDF format so that you can print them at any time. Later you can stick them on the packages and send them to warehouses.

Remember that you must fill in the shipping information, the parcel service you want to use, costs and print the necessary label for each package you are going to send. Once Amazon begins to receive your products, they will be available on the online platform automatically. It is worth mentioning that this service gives you a certain distinction or advantages in the store, before your customers, among which we can mention:

  • BadgesAmazon Prime ” and ” Managed by Amazon “: Which quickly capture the customer’s attention and provide a higher level of security in the purchase, knowing that your products will be sent and received in the time established by the company.
  • Buy Box: This option gives you the advantage of allowing your products to be added to the shopping cart directly, without further protocol.
  • Customer service: The same Amazon customer service team will answer the user’s doubts and concerns, regarding the product, in the language of the store or website in which it is located.

To get a clearer idea about how the FBA works, you can look at thenext video.

Earnings collection

Unlike other stores on the Internet, where you can associate your account number and receive payments directly, Amazon is responsible for managing the collection and payment received for your products. Now, it is important to clarify that this is not executed immediately, but fifteen days after the shipment is made. This in order to keep the customer’s money, in case there is a return of the item or a claim for its status.

Advantages and disadvantages of selling on Amazon

As you might expect, this website has both positives and negatives (as do many others in the same category). In this sense, among the advantages of Amazon are:

  • Considerably increase the visibility of your products.
  • You do not need the parallel creation of an ecommerce or sales website.
  • Your products will be seen by an audience really interested in buying them.
  • You generate brand loyalty with your potential customers by offering security, product guarantee and affordable prices.
  • You take your product to a new level of sales, by offering it on an international platform.

Now, Amazon is not totally perfect, so it is possible to find its negative side with certain disadvantages. Of which, it should be mentioned, are not many and to some extent could be seen as advantages for customers.

  • The payments of your products are managed and delivered by the same page within a delivery period of fifteen days.
  • There is a considerable volume of competitors.
  • Lower profit margin compared to your own online store.

Tips to increase sales

Knowing everything you need about the operation of the sales platform, it is important to know certain tips or advice that you could use to increase your sales within Amazon. Take note of each of them and put them into practice in your seller profile, it should be clarified that, if you do not have the necessary knowledge, you can ask for help from an expert.

Use popular and relevant keywords

Don’t waste your time putting up labels that have nothing to do with your product. Instead, use precise and direct keywords, which allow Amazon to quickly find and offer your item to the user. To help you in this task, you can rely on tools such asGoogle Keyword Planner,Ubersuggest,KW Finder, etc., which are perfect for finding related Keywords and showing statistics that help you choose the best ones.

However, in the case of Amazon, the best alternative to achieve this goal isegrow.io. With this you can not only get the most searched keywords for your product, but also a list of the best-selling products, along with other data such as: The seller’s ranking, number of monthly sales and reviews received.

Now, if you don’t want to use such soph
sticated tools, you can use the same Amazon search engine and make a manual list of the suggestions shown by the System. This way you will have your keywords with minimal effort.

Do a good SEO for your product

Having selected the precise KW to position your product on Amazon, you must create a good SEO structure. Which will allow you to climb positions among the competition and reach the top of the website, to increase your level of sales. For this you must take into account information such as:

  • Name of the article or title: To stand out before the algorithm of Amazon, Google or any other search engine, it is best to place the main keyword in the title of your product and some related keywords.
  • Attributes: This section includes the most outstanding characteristics of the product, which differentiates it from the rest. They are accompanied by some keywords, which must be entered into the text without affecting the reading of it, that is, naturally.
  • Description: Each part of the article is described here, externally and internally. It is best for this section to use separation or classification signs. Avoiding making a single block of text that generates visual fatigue and boredom in the client.
  • Amazon Meta Keywords: Amazon continues to bet on the presence of Meta Keywords on its site. However, for it to work, they must not be used excessively or excessively. For this, it is recommended to use only some Long Tail Keywords, synonyms and the most relevant characteristics of the product.

Write good headlines and improve them with SEO

According to Amazon, a good title should contain: Brand, model and line of the product, most outstanding characteristic (the one that differentiates it from the rest), manufacturing material, type of item, color and size of the same. In addition to the number of units that comes in the package, if applicable. Therefore, taking these data into account when uploading your product to the web will improve your success rate.

Ask your buyers to rate your product

Positive reviews are the best way to grow and climb on Amazon. That is why the page offers you the possibility of asking your buyers to rate your product, once they have used it. To do this you must go to the ” Orders ” section within your account and click on the ” Order management ” tab , available in the menu.

There you will be shown the list of sales or orders that you have answered, along with the name, date, time and other information related to the purchase. You just have to click on the one you want and a window will automatically appear in which you can write to whoever bought the product to make a review about it. Remember to put in the subject ” Request for evaluation “, in addition to writing something short and formal so that you do not have any inconvenience on the platform.

Finally, could it be said that it is viable to sell on Amazon ? This will ultimately depend on the goal you are looking for. However, this platform is accessible to all types of vendors, from micro-entrepreneurs to large industries, with huge assembly lines and hundreds of deliveries per day. Now, it is important that you take into account everything described throughout this text, before deciding to start in the Internet shopping giant.

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