How to search for people by RUT: Find their personal data

It may be that you are looking for a friend, relative or perhaps your interest is of a work nature. Whatever the case, you can search for this personal data in RUT. Although you must bear in mind that obtaining this information is not easy, as it may be something illegal.

On the other hand, to facilitate this search, the ideal would be to have the RUT or information of that person. Maybe you have little information about it, now how to find the personal data of a person in RUT? Here we will explain what you should do.

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What is the RUT?

The acronym RUT is Unique Tax Role; This service allows to identify, locate and locate people or companies that are taxpayers, it is also used to find foreign people.

The “RUT of foreign investors ” applies to foreigners, since they are exhorted when they are going to carry out a procedure or contract, which establishes a different system than the visa or nationality permit. It is available to foreign people who want to do business and investment in the country.

Citizens can support and identify their economic movements in front of third parties, when they want to make a labor or commercial deal, allowing control and supervision. It is very useful for entrepreneurs and merchants who want to know more about the person to be hired. It offers them job security.

How to find the personal data of a person in RUT?

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If you are looking for the personal data of a person and you have the RUT of her, then you must enter the websitededatos.com , there write the RUT and you will obtain personal information such as name, date of birth, address, sex, age, profession, marital status , religion and other data.

The page is accessible in Latin countries; but we inform you that it is not for Chile, the reason is due to the policies of the law, which protect personal data. In view of that, you can hire a VPN or use one for free and thus be able to access from Chile.

Note: Apparently the web stopped working so we left some alternatives to do this search, such as Peekyou, Cuitonline and WebMii.

Know the RUT by the name of the person

Perhaps you do not know the RUT of the relative or friend, you can do it by entering the official website, that is, rutchile.ci; there you will find personal data, your address or others. This system is used by companies to obtain information from their employees. To search for personal data, perform the following steps:

  • Enter the RUT website in Chile.
  • A notice will appear that says “More information about Router “, enter the first and last name.
  • Click on ‘ search RUT ‘ or ‘ Obtain Data ‘ and a window will open with all the data and RUT number.

Only some basic information will appear, if you want to know other information such as the telephone number, you should go to a Civil Registry office in Chile. In it you deliver the RUT and the name of the person, so they will provide you with this information.

This RUT service allows you to search for personal data of a person such as name, address, date of birth, among others. Knowing that personal data could be illegal, you should be careful unless it is for work, commercial or as we mentioned before, looking for a friend or family member.

Remember that it is extremely important to respect the privacy and security of the person. Make use of that information only for her benefit and protection. In addition, when handling important data it is recommended that we take measures to navigate safely . We hope you find this information very useful and send us your comments. Share this information with family and friends.

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