How to schedule automatic emptying of the recycle bin

There are certain applications or programs that perform work on our personal computers that always goes unnoticed, and this is the case of the recycle bin , in which we dispose of all kinds of files, but they are not permanently deleted from our computer. . And in the next article we will show you a trick that will allow you to  program the automatic emptying of the recycle bin.

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But because the recycle bin does not delete the files that we send there, for the simple reason that you want to recover them later. But there is a problem and it is that, as we add a file to the trash, it is taking up space on the disk that we may need. Then every so often we must clean or empty the bin .

But how useful it would be if the automatic emptying of the recycle bin could be programmed and thus avoid the continuous monitoring of this application. And the pleasant surprise is that if there is a very simple way to do this and then we will explain it to you. Just as we explain that the recycle bin has a space or size assigned .

How to schedule automatic emptying of the recycle bin

So to do this, we are going to create a task that will free us from being aware of the recycle bin, for its subsequent emptying and recovery of disk space. But it would also be good to know how much space the bin has. And the first thing we are going to do is type in the Windows search engine, Task Scheduler.

After you press the Enter key, a window will appear in it, we will be located on the left side and we will search for the Task Scheduler Library. You select it and then right click to bring up a menu and in it choose New Folder. Give this folder a name, then hover over this folder and right click and choose the Create task option .

Now you will be shown the Create task window and in it you can see several tabs, in the General tab, you can add data about the task to be created. In Name you are going to place for example Automatic emptying of the recycle bin or something similar. The next step is to go to the Triggers tab and then you must click New.

Options to schedule automatic emptying of the recycle bin

In this window we can see that we are offered many options to configure the emptying of the trash. We can see options such as Once, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, which is the option we recommend, but it all depends on the needs of each user. We can also place a specific date, day, week, month, etc.

Once you have determined when we want the task to be carried out, to empty the recycle bin automatically, we must click on the OK option. The next step is to go to the Actions tab and in it we are going to click on the New option. In the Program or script field you must write the following cmd.exe.

And in the Add arguments (optional) field you must write / c “echo Y | PowerShell.exe -NoProfile -Command Clear-RecycleBin” and then you must click on the OK option. Then you must click on the open windows and in this way the task that you just created is saved with the configuration you have given it.

schedule emptying

In this way we have carried out or programmed the automatic emptying of the recycle bin and on the date we have established. If we want to change the date for another, we can do it by following the steps that we explained here. You see how easy it is to make adjustments to our PC when we know what to do.

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