How to Scan Multiple Documents Into One PDF File Easily

The function of scanning multiple documents to a PDF file has been adopted as an indispensable tool for those who want to digitize a variety of vital papers.

In turn, this makes it easier for people to make a backup of each of their documents or, if necessary, share it comfortably with the people who must manipulate the information.

Regardless of the operating system that is used, they all have accessories and applications that allow their users to complete this type of task.

With regard to the following article, you will be able to find different options and functions that will allow you to attach different pages of a document to a PDF file extension. So that you can meet the needs of converting a document that are submitted. One of the most common occurs when trying to install and add a printer to Adobe PDF .

Use Microsoft Office to scan multiple documents to one PDF file

Although this type of software does not have a plug-in that intervenes directly in the printer to scan images and automatically attach them to the document, there is a way to create PDF files through this suite.

microsoft office scan documents a pdf file

The instructions can be accomplished within any component that is part of Microsoft Office. However, for convenience, it is recommended to use Word or PowerPoint.

Creation consists of scanning each page of the document to be scanned. Also, for organizational purposes, store them in an individual folder within the computer library.

When this is completed, you should proceed to open one of the recommended programs that make up the Microsoft suite to attach the images.

Finally, and to be able to scan several documents to a PDF file, you must enter the “File” tab of the chosen program and press the “Save and send” option.

Within the list you must press the option “Create PDF / XPS document “. Then click on the “Send as PDF” button, which will allow you to create a file or document with that extension format.

Scan multiple documents to a PDF file from the printer

Technology has advanced to the point where accessories such as printers are programmed to convert and save specific extensions.

scan documents a pdf file from printer

Well-known brands have enabled these options, so that users do not resort to third-party programs to back up documents in images or other formats, such as PDF. On the other hand, before proceeding to scan one or more documents, it is important that you check if your printer is connected and configured correctly .

Epson printer

After placing the original document on the scanner on the EPSON printer, start the “Epson Scan ” program that you have installed on your computer.

Make the basic settings required for scanning and click on “Scan” to display the “Save File” window containing the extension options.

Inside the “Image format” section there is a drop-down menu that allows you to choose the output format of the scanner. In this case select the PDF option.

Press “OK” to start scanning the document, and select “Add page” until the process is complete. At the end, click on “Save file (s)” to open the “Editing page” and modify the images if necessary.

Finish by clicking on “OK” again, where the printer program will automatically create a single PDF file, stored in “My images”.

HP Printer

This famous brand also enabled the option to scan multiple documents to one PDF file once the document is fully scanned.

To achieve this, you just have to enter the program of the HP version that you have installed on your computer and click on “Scan” to begin the process.

Among the output or saving options, a menu will be displayed where you will choose the PDF extension. Upon acceptance, the document will be scanned on each page placed inside the scanner glass. They will then be stored in the address you set.

Backing up files in this way makes it much easier to read, print, and send documents. Especially today where everything is handled through technology.

Therefore, it is necessary to know what tools allow you to achieve this type of task. In order to do it with ease whenever you need it. And if by chance, instead of converting a document to PDF, you need to convert a PDF to an Excel document , it is possible too.

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