How to save and organize your bookmarks of your favorite internet pages

How to enable the bookmarks bar in Chrome

  • The first thing you will have to do is press on the three points that appear on the top right. A new menu will open with many options.
  • The one that interests us is the one that says “Configuration “.
  • Pressing on this section will open a new tab where we will find a wide variety of options.
  • The one that really interests us is in the “Appearance ” section.
  • Here we are going to look for “Show bookmarks bar ” when we click on the icon on the right side, it turns blue and we can see the bookmarks bar at the top of Chrome.

How to bookmark my favorite pages

  • What we are going to do now is open a new tab and visit one of our favorite sites.
  • Once said website finishes loading. What we are going to do is position the mouse cursor over the pad that appears on the left side of the website’s URL.
  • Press the left click on said padlock and hold it. Now drag to the bookmarks bar that we enabled earlier.
  • Another method is to simply click on the star that appears on the right side of the address bar. By clicking on it, the web is automatically added to the bookmarks bar.

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How to bookmark my pages

But adding websites to the bookmarks bar is extremely easy. The problem is that when we have a large number of them, it can be chaos to find that website that we saved for a long time because perhaps it had relevant information. How can we organize bookmarks ?

The method that we will teach you is considerably simple and above all easy so that you can divide all the websites that you are adding to favorites in an orderly way.

edit and save browser bookmarks

  • For this you must right click on an empty space in the bookmarks bar (it can be a small corner of it in case you have many websites).
  • After this we will go to the option that says “Add folder “.
  • Here we can create a folder called “Social Networks ” for example.
  • After this we have two options: the first is to add new pages to said folder. To do this you just have to use one of the previous methods. Only if you drag the URL you do it to that folder.
  • The second would be if you use the star to add to favorites, where it says “Folder ” select the new folder you created.
  • If you want to add bookmarks to the new folder that you already have in favorites. Then the most recommended thing is that you leave the left click on said marker and simply drag it to the newly created folder.

Also, with the latest version of Google Chrome, the bookmarks you have saved; which are just shortcuts, you can place them on the side of the browser.

As you can see, it is extremely easy to learn how to save and organize your bookmarks in Chrome. In other browsers it works very similarly so you will not have any kind of problem in having all the websites you want in favorites to be able to access them in an agile and fast way.

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