How to return a product or order on Amazon

If you have bought a product online but you are not satisfied with it or suffered an accident on the way, there is a way to return the product or order on Amazon. Digital purchases have this counterpart that can be somewhat unpleasant for users, but there is a way to complain in case the item that has been requested is not the same as the one described on the platform or has a flaw.

Therefore, in this post you will see how to return a product or order on Amazon quickly and easily. However, you must bear in mind that the reason for return must be coherent and explanatory so that the company can carry out the relevant solutions with both the seller and the product. Similarly, in the article you will find the return costs and a list of products that you cannot return on Amazon.

Steps to follow

As mentioned above, in case you are not comfortable with the package that you have received from this digital commerce company, you can return the Amazon product using the following steps:

  1. Enter Amazon through thislink.
  2. Place the cursor on ” Account and Lists ” and press ” Identify yourself.”
  3. Log in by entering your email and password.
  4. Now, put the cursor back on ” Account and Lists ” and go to ” Orders “.
  5. Choose the order and click ” Return or replace products.”
  6. Select an option from the list under “ Why do you want to return the product? ”. You can also write an additional comment in the text box that the page will show you.
  7. Decide if you want to issue a refund or an exchange. In case you choose a refund, you can choose between an Amazon gift voucher or the original payment method.
  8. Next, select how you want to return the product, either by taking the order to the nearest post office or by requesting that the company look for the item at your home. Then click ” Continue “.
  9. Click on ” Print Label and Instructions.” A PDF file will open so you can print 2 return labels. One of them you must place inside the order or the other you have to stick it on the outside of the package.
  10. Pack the product carefully, following the instructions indicated in the PDF document.

Note: It should be noted that you can return the products within 30 days from the date you received your order, as long as it is under the conditions of theAmazon return policy. Depending on the seller and the product, shipping will be free or they will charge you a price according to the option you have chosen.

Return of a product by a seller

If you decide to return a product and its issuer is an Amazon seller, you will see the option “ Send the return request ”. This agent will review the request before granting a refund or replacement on the item. In the event that you do not receive a response within the next two business days, then you can submit a claim from the “Guarantee from A to Z ”.

This guarantee protects the buyer so that their experience is safe and reliable. In order to apply this money-back guarantee, the following cases must occur:

  • Not receiving the product after 3 days from the estimated delivery date.
  • Tracking shows a delivery confirmation, but you haven’t received the package.
  • The product is damaged or you are not satisfied and you decide to return it according to the steps previously explained, but they have not refunded the money or it was refunded for the wrong amount.
  • The seller has not shipped the replacement item.
  • The seller has not provided a national return address or a prepaid label. Also, it does not offer a full refund without requesting a return of the product.
  • An additional amount has been charged to the purchase and shipping price that you paid and the seller did not cover these costs.

Note: Amazon refunds the money within 2-3 weeks. This process is carried out 7 days after receiving the return. On the other hand, if you want a replacement for the item, you can only exchange it for another of the same version and you must return the defective product within the next 30 days. Now, if you want to replace it with another product, you must first return the item you have received and then place a new order.

Return costs

It should be noted that return shipping is free in some cases. If the reason for the return is not due to an error on the part of Amazon, the cost of the return shipment will be deducted from the refund. A fixed rate will be charged according to the category of the product you wish to return. Next, you will see the rates that apply on Amazon for both shipping and product:

  • Audiovisual reproduction items (DVD, CD, music, vinyl and Cassettes): $ 1.99 (per shipment) / $ 0.99 (per product).
  • Pet Supplies: $ 4.99 / $ 0.59 per pound.
  • Footwear, clothing, loose stones, VHS videos, watches, jewelry, and software : $ 3.99 / $ 0.99.
  • Computers : $ 7.99 / $ 0.65 per pound.
  • Consoles of video games : $ 6.99 / $ 0.99.
  • Baggage : $ 4.99 / $ 0.99 (per product).
  • Toys : $ 3.99 / $ 0.85 per pound.
  • Kindle : $ 3.99 / $ 2.99.
  • Books : $ 3.00 / $ 0.99.
  • Products shipped by a specialized carrier (for example ABF, CEVA or Pilot): Free / $ 50.
  • Products for the home and garden, babies, electronics, furniture, mobile phones and accessories, groceries, health and personal care, industry and science, sports, tools, Office, Outdoor and hardware: $ 4.99 / $ 0.75 per pound.
  • TV shipped with enhanced delivery: Free / $ 50.00.
  • TVs shipped without enhanced delivery : $ 4.99 / $ 0.75 per pound.
  • Video games and accessories : $ 3.99 / $ 0.99.
  • Any combination of the above equipment : Higher charge applicable per shipment.

Products that cannot be returned

Amazon has a list of products that you cannot return at the company or you can only return them to a third-party seller. These are the equipment with which returns are not accepted:

  • Some jewelry, health and personal care orders .
  • Open and downloadable software.
  • Prepaid game cards such as Xbox 360 Live, Wii Points, World of Warcraft, among others.
  • Live insects.
  • Kindles, laptops or desktops (after 30 days of delivery have passed).
  • Products labeled as dangerous that use flammable gases or liquids. In this case, you should contact the manufacturer to have more information about the warranty, return and refund.
  • Online subscriptions after logging in.
  • Products that do not have the UPC, serial number or with special shipping restrictions.
  • Gift cards (except for those indicated by law).
  • Grocery equipment.

Note: If you have received a product that is on the list but is defective, contact Amazon through their online chat using the followinglink. Remember that you must log in with your email and password.

In this article you have seen everything you need to do to return a product or order on Amazon. In the same way, a list of products that you cannot return has been detailed and the rates that the company applies for shipments according to the item you want to return. With these tools, you will not have any inconvenience when carrying out the return process and your experience will be more enjoyable in future purchases.

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