How to resize images in Windows 10

Resizing an image means that all the elements it originally contained will be kept, but reducing or increasing their size in pixels. Resizing images in the same way will cause their size on disk to increase or decrease, depending on whether it is increased or decreased. In both cases, the image quality may be reduced, but no part is lost.

Next in this post we will see several ways in which you can resize one or more images from your Windows 10 computer.

Resize images in Windows 10

To resize an image you must use an app, and in Windows 10 the Photos app can do the job. You can also use other applications like PowerToys, or use an online service to change the image size online.

1. Resize an image with Photos

Although it can be tedious to resize many images in Windows 10 with the Photos application , the advantage is that it is installed and ready to use on your system.

# 1. Open the image you want to resize with the Photos app.

# 2. Click the More Options button (three dots) in the upper right.

# 3. Select Resize.

# 4. In the pop-up that opens, select Define custom dimensions.

# 5. Enter the new size of the image, entering it in Width or Height. Make sure the Keep Aspect Ratio option is enabled or the image will be distorted.

# 6. Click Save copy of new size.

2. Resize the image with PowerToys

With PowerToys you can configure various preset sizes and resize images from the context menu.

# 1. Download and install PowerToys on your system.

# 2. Now open PowerToys with administrator rights.

# 3. Go to the application settings.

# 4. Select the Image Resizer tab and enable the function switch.

# 5. Add a preselection by clicking Add size.

# 6. Enter a width for the image, set it to Fill, and leave the height blank for a proportionally resized image.addi

# 7. Close PowerToys in the system tray.

# 8. Now right-click on one or several selected images and choose Resize Image  from the context menu.

# 9. Select a preset size  in the window that opens and click Resize.

This will save a copy of the image in the same location as the original image. If you want to resize the original image without creating a copy, select the Resize original images option .addi


If you only want to resize a couple of images, Windows 10 has a pretty decent image-editing app called Photos that can help. But if you regularly have to resize a lot of photos, the PowerToys app is the best and most convenient option. Without either of these appropriate for you, there are other image editors or viewers you can employ, and you always have the option of resizing an image online.

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