How to repair a wet cell phone – Revive cell phone

It is true that today’s mobile equipment is more resistant than what was manufactured in the past. But if your mobile falls into the water and lasts a long time wet, it turns out that people usually discard this equipment. They see very badly, that the integrity of your mobile phone remains the same, as before getting wet.

But for all the people who have suffered this unfortunate mishap and think that their mobile will not come back to life and that even worse it will not work as before. Well, I have to tell you that if it is possible to bring them back to life and to resume their normal functionality. Next we are going to show you an effective solution to repair a wet cell phone, revive a mobile phone.

repair wet cell phone

How to repair a wet cell phone

This is for those people who have been through the unfortunate fact that their cell phone has fallen into the water and do not know how to avoid if possible, that the damage is permanent, regardless of the operating system .

And even better to bring them back to life and that they work as they did before the unfortunate event, for this we are going to explain simple tricks, that if you apply it you will see the expected results.

To begin, if suddenly and unexpectedly your cell phone falls into the water , the first thing you should do is, without wasting time, remove it from the water. After it is out of the water, you should dry it completely with a dry cloth. This to prevent water from entering the interior of the cell phone.

Then you should remove the battery as soon as possible. This should also be dried very well. The next step you must take is that if you have raw rice on hand , you pour enough rice into a bowl and you must completely put your cell phone in the rice. Let it be completely covered and for approximately 30 minutes to an hour.

What will this do? In theory, rice will absorb the moisture that is contained in your cell phone and allow its internal components to dry out without opening it. After the time has passed, we will remove it from the rice. We clean it completely and then if it is within our reach we get isopropyl alcohol.

How to revive the mobile phone

This alcohol that is used by technicians who repair cell phones or computers, we must use it with a swab and pass it through all the connections of both the battery and the SIM card. If possible and we can have access to the inside of the cell phone, we can pass this alcohol through the motherboard .

What benefits does this alcohol produce for our cell phone? This type of alcohol will remove all the sodium in the water. And that remains after it has dried, this will eventually damage the structure of the internal components and allow the wet cell phone to function again .

After having cleaned the entire phone with isopropyl alcohol , we went on to use a hair dryer. This we put to blow hot air, so that it dries any remaining moisture. This action can be done for three to five minutes or when we are sure that our cell phone is completely dry.

how to repair wet cell phone

Finally, we want to tell you that this trick does not work in all cases and it may happen that other factors influence it. But it has been shown that it has been 50% effective. And in this way you learned the easy and simple way to repair a wet cell phone, revive a cell phone.

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