How to remove or eliminate noise from my PC’s fans

Today’s technology has been a blessing for many people around the world, because of how it has been able to facilitate many actions that previously were not thought possible to do easier.

From how a worker works on a construction site, to the way office workers write documents; everything has become much easier thanks to the technology we have at hand.

All this would not be possible without the effort of multiple important people who have been able to adequately handle this medium, in such a way that it is developed in a way that seeks to focus on the needs of each person.

Today, we have this technology in different forms, such as the use of television, stereos, and much more. But probably the best way to make it very clear how far we have come with technology is by looking at the personal computers we have at home.

Whether it’s a desktop or a laptop, computers have improved a lot since their first appearances , both in size and performance. This has allowed us to perform many actions that were previously not very accessible, such as designing, rendering, working, consuming all kinds of multimedia content and much more.

But, when you have a computer in the house, you have to treat it with care, since like any other electronic device, these can deteriorate over time. The computers usually have a life time stipulated, and this will be longer or shorter depending on the care we give it.

And, one of the best care we can give you is proper care through diligent cleaning or buying the right accessories for its proper functioning .

And, when the heat attacks our computer, and our fans are making a lot of noise, it is time to respond appropriately, and this is what we are going to talk about next.

dusty fan

It’s a matter of temperature

Computers often have different components that make them work, but when a PC is working, these components usually produce heat due to the effort they make while working.

Therefore, you must have adequate ventilation, and thus prevent these components from being damaged or straining more than necessary, the best way of ventilation being the fans.

These fans often come in all shapes and sizes, but when one of them starts to make noise, we know something is wrong with its operation.

We must be alert to these noises since if we are not, we can see a small problem: your computer can overheat . And, the reasons why a fan may be failing or making noise are several and must be properly discarded.

pc fan part

Taking charge of your fans

Fans can make noises for various reasons, but when they do it is because they are not working properly. If this happens, you just have to open your computer and start inspecting the fans, and the best way you have to take care of them is by cleaning them.

Dust can always get into your computer, so it is important that you take the time to clean it once or twice a year, but if this does not solve the noise you will have to do other things.

Sometimes a fan sounds because it is turned upside down, causing it to not ventilate properly, or it can sound because it is doing a lot of work on the processor. If it’s the processor fan, you can do the fan a favor by applying a new thermal paste to the processor.

And, you should also check that no fan has a broken blade or blade, since if so, you will have to replace it with a new one. On the other hand, you can also opt for a liquid cooling system that makes much less noise than conventional fans.

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