How to remove or disable automatic updates for an HP printer

HP printers have a number of advantages unlike other brands, since they do not need to be reset every hundred sheets, because they print continuously. Despite the fact that the sensors or the chip detect that there is no count or that there is a generic chip, the printer continues to work.

The HP brand has implemented the automatic update but it blocks and does not allow the use of cartridges. Preferably it would be good to know if a cartridge is original or fake , for the same reason you may have certain drawbacks with this option therefore, it is best to deactivate it. This occurs because the firmware locks the cartridge and asks to install a new one as if the one in use was damaged when that is not the case.

HP is the brand, but the user is the owner of the equipment they purchase, therefore they can use the desired cartridge and can deactivate this option to avoid inconveniences.

HP Printers: Steps to Disable Automatic Updates

Initially it should be mentioned that the HP printers have automatically performed the firmware updates. Therefore, printers that have an ink system if the firmware is updated can cause problems and can deactivate the system.

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The process that can be implemented to disable updates can be performed on printers, HP 7612, 8100, 8600 8610 and more. Regardless of the format and printer model.

First you must have the printer software and the driver installed on the computer, then click on “start”. When the panel opens, “all programs” are chosen in order to locate the folder called “HP”. So when you open the folder you can see the printer you have installed, if you have several printers you can see all of them. When you locate it, you click and wait for it to open the application, which should be installed by default on the desktop.

When the folder is opened, the tab called must be located in the upper menu. When opening it, several folders can be found, but the one of interest is the “HP update”. Once it opens, you can see a new window in which you have to click on the “configuration” option at the bottom.

A window opens automatically in which you have to check the “notification” box, so that it sends a notification before looking for the update. Then at the bottom in the option “software update on the web”, you can choose “never” and finally “accept”.

In the next tab, click on “cancel” and by performing the procedure the automatic updates of the HP printer will have been eliminated.

Remove automatic update from HP printer

It should be noted that depending on the printer you have, the option can be disabled from the computer or from the printer itself. In this case we will explain the steps to disable updates from the printer.

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Initially, the printer must be turned on to view the screen, then the configuration icon must be pressed. It is located next to several icons at the top in a bar.

Then depending on the printer model you have, you can choose the “maintenance” option or in some printers the “extra” option is displayed. So when you click on the option you will be able to view: “update printer”.

Once you locate it, you will be able to make visible several options where you should only choose the one to “disable update”, so that it is not updated automatically. Finally, you must be careful, since you will be able to find a message that explains if you want to activate the option again and therefore you must press the “no” option.

Also note that you can create and configure a custom paper size with the computer, with this it would be possible for the printer to print with the ideal size for you.

It is possible to disable the update from the computer or from the printer itself as you prefer. Emphasizing that sometimes you can make an error telling us that the printer is not activated .

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to hear your opinion. Have you been able to disable automatic updates for an HP printer by following these steps? Do you know of another method to disable automatic updates for an HP printer? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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