How to remove background from an image online – Easy and free

But this is not all, because they also offer fast and pleasant results. So, if you want to know more details, we invite you to continue reading this post.

Best online pages to remove the background from an image

As was emphasized from the beginning, currently there is a great variety of online platforms that allow users to do any type of Photoshop. An example is removing the background from the images, so below we will show you the main online pages that allow us to carry out this process, easy and fast.


If what you are looking for is quality, professionalism and quick results, without a doubt this is the best option for you. Taking into account that this program is 100% automatic and the process is done in a short time. In addition, it is a free website, with artificial intelligence, capable of differentiating the figure from the foreground and the background of the photograph.

The process is really simple, starting from the fact that it allows us to choose an image from our computer or smartphone or you can also add the image from a URL. 

After this and no matter which option you have chosen, RemoveBG will begin to analyze the photograph. As soon as it is 100%, the final result will appear, that is, it will automatically remove the background and if you want to download the image, you just have to click on Download, save it in the folder of your choice and that’s it.

Clipping Magic

Another of the impressive options that has given a lot to talk about, generating good results, easily and quickly is Clipping Magic, taking into account that, although it has artificial intelligence, unlike RemoveBg it allows us to select what we want to delete. In this way we will achieve a more professional image and according to our taste.

The process consists of clicking on “load image “, after uploading it to the program, two photographs will automatically appear on the screen.

Being able to position the original image on the left and on the right a preview of the result will be shown, the background will be eliminated. Likewise, the photograph that appears on the left side has controls with which you can refine the background cutout.


Finally, we have one of the most complete programs to remove the background of an image, and although it offers better features, its use is more complicated than the previous ones. However, it guarantees impressive results. To start what we have to do is:

  • Open the official site
  • Click in the upper right corner, where it says select.
  • After choosing the image, you must use the yellow point and mark what you want to isolate.
  • Next, you select the green button and mark what you want to put in the foreground.
  • Then you mark the red button and select what you are going to delete
  • Finally, you click on “Convert” and the process will automatically start (this may take a few seconds). At the end you must press the download button and you will be able to save the image on the device.

photo shoes with bottom and without bottom

Advantages of removing the background from an Image

Sometimes when we take a photograph or upload an image to social networks or any website, it is more convenient to show a specific objective. For this reason, it is normal to want to eliminate the background of the image and thus be able to highlight the object in question, without losing its prominence.

In the same way, this process guarantees us advantages when you want to make a collage or an advertisement, making it possible to highlight in the images only what the user wants, in this way it will be more striking and attractive to the person who is viewing it. Likewise, these online tools are a great boom today, since they offer quality results and instantly. It is also possible to remove the background from an image in Word or PowerPoint easily .

Finally, we hope that this tutorial has helped you, also reminding you that you can remove or remove the background from an image without applications or programs , without having to install anything. However, we would like to hear from you. Do you think these programs are really good? Would you like to try any of them? Or, on the contrary, do you prefer to do it from a PC and remove the background of an image with CorelDraw? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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