How to remove a SIM Card stuck inside a sealed cell phone tray

Mobile technology has advanced a lot and very fast in recent years, now smartphones have very sensitive and useful mechanisms, one of these is the new way to put a SIM card, through a spring system in which, for By means of a key, (which the phone brings when buying it), we can make the SIM card come out of the phone, by means of a spring.

This system in its origins had some flaws, typical of when an innovation came to the market, which was quickly solved until it was almost the standard at this date, however sometimes our SIM card may have imperfections that cause it to lock and the mechanism not work well, causing the phone not to recognize it, when this happens, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

How to unblock the SIM Card mechanism?

First you have to go for the simple, maybe the problem is not as serious as it seems, try using something a little more, blunt like a needle or an earring, insert it into the small hole that your phone has without using too much force, maybe you will succeed make the spring jump and you can remove your SIM without major problem.

If, on the other hand, you do not see a possible way to remove it and you dare to uncover the phone yourself, you should have a flat screwdriver and a plastic card on hand.

phone with sim card tray jammed

You have to remove the screws at the bottom of the Smartphone and with the card press along the entire edge of the screen to loosen the glue that it brings, do this very carefully, you can use a suction cup to remove the screen faster.

Once this is done, the motherboard of the phone will be visible, you have to be very careful when handling these components and not damage any connection, locate with your eyes where the SIM card is and carefully remove the plate, check if There is a screw or flex connected before removing it, do not pull abruptly on it either.

With the help of some tweezers, take the SIM card out slowly with great care, and once you get it to come out you will have to do the reverse process, put everything back in place and close your device again, you can help yourself by taking photos of the process that you followed To uncover it, check to connect all the flexes and that’s it.

Reasons why your SIM card may get stuck

When we buy a new phone we have to know that it probably uses the spring system, and you should keep in mind that your SIM must be trimmed correctly, sometimes it happens that we buy a new phone and it brings the smallest SIM space, and we look for internet how to cut it to adapt it.

If we do this process badly and we have an irregular or imperfect cut, when putting it in our device it can get stuck, for this reason it is advisable to send it to be cut in a specialized place, it is not something complicated so it will not be expensive.

Another common thing is that our phone falls, unfortunately these are very susceptible to shocks and falls and this can cause the opening mechanism to be damaged or the card to move out of place and when trying to remove it we cannot.

sim card in pile for cell phone tray

This can happen even if we have a protective cover, so it is important to be careful when using our Smartphone.

Some factors to consider

The procedures shown here void the warranty of our terminal, for this reason you may not want to do it yourself, if you do not have the basic knowledge when uncovering a phone it is better to leave it to professionals in the field.

It is important that you be very careful when disassembling your device, in it there are many individual parts that are very susceptible to damage by handling, do so carefully and with great attention to detail.

The MicroSim and the NanoSIM are the cards most prone to jamming, due to their small size, a slight blow can remove them from their position and their extraction must be even more careful.

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