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It is that this situation that you cannot send an image, because it does not load is very common and many times we give up sending it because we do not know what to do in these circumstances. But don’t worry any more, in the next article we will show you what tools you can use to reduce the size and weight of an image as this will help you save space on your hard drive and improve the performance of your PC.

But it is also important that these photos, when compressed, do not lose their quality and arrive in the same way as they were sent. So we are going to show you what steps you are going to take to  reduce the size and weight of an image, that is, compress the images and the different tools that you are going to use so that their quality is the same.

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How to reduce the size and weight of an image

So that any of you can reduce the size and weight of an image and thus compress images. We are going to show you two tools that work online, so you won’t have to download any programs. And that in our opinion are extraordinary to achieve good results.

The first one is called Compressor.io   is very easy to use and will help you reduce your images and maintain almost 100% of their quality after compression. In the following link you can access the page and start using it, it has four different types of supported formats, PNG files, SVG files, JPEG files and GIF files.

And the other tool we are going to use is called Optimizilla, it is also an online image compressor that will allow you to reduce the size but not the quality. As you can see, we present two very good options and then we explain how to use them.

How to use compression tools

To begin we will use Compressor.io as we already told you before, it can support up to four different file formats. Also this application can use two different types of compression. When you go to upload your photos you must choose which of the two forms of reduction you want Lossy or Lossless and it only works with JPG and PNG formats.

We suggest you choose the With loss option as it loses a bit of quality but reduces your images much more. You make a clip in the option With lost and then you must select the option Select file. Once this is done, it will take you to the image library and you must choose the photo to reduce and make a clip in Open.

Once this is done, the image will begin to load and then after several seconds a previous image will be shown with the two images, the compressed one and the original one. It will also show us data about its original weight and the weight after compression. This data shows them in MB and KB, it is important that you know that it only supports up to a limit of 10 MB.

It will also show you the reduction percentage, now you will only have to make a clip in the Download the file option. And to finish we save the file on our computer, if you want to compress more images, you can select the option Compress another photo. If you can’t find the image you compressed and now you can send it safely.

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We will do something similar with the other application, we will enter the Optimizilla page and we will make a clip in the Upload option, then we select the image and make a clip to open. We wait for it to load and then we will see the previews of the original image and the compressed image. Here we can find an additional option where we can increase or reduce your weight.

And to finish we only have to make a clip in the Download option and save it on our computer. And in this simple way and using two tools you learned   how to reduce the size and weight of an image, that is, compress images.

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