How to recover contacts or numbers from a damaged phone without a copy on the SIM

The phones allow us to do many things, like being connected with our family and friends, whether we use social networks or via the WhatsApp. Most of the people usually save all the contacts on the phone. But, how to recover contacts or numbers from damaged phone without copy on SIM.

Sometimes we can accidentally delete our emails. So, we must find a way to recover deleted contacts from a SIM card . But, it may happen that the phone gets damaged and we don’t have a copy of these records on the SIM card.

If this has happened to you, do not worry because there are solutions even to recover the files from a mobile phone that does not turn on . Today we will teach you how to recover contacts or numbers from a damaged phone without a copy on the SIM.

Recover contacts or numbers from damaged phone without copy on SIM

How to make a copy in the SIM of the contacts or numbers is important

In general, when we buy an Android phone, we have a habit of saving the contacts in the phone memory, but we forget to make a copy in the SIM.

Making a copy of the contacts or numbers on the SIM is important, this allows you to recover those contacts when the phone is damaged or stolen. However, it is not the only way to recover; You can also get them, if you were previously able to export or transfer contacts from your Android mobile to your Gmail account .

Even if you still have your old phone model; Another way to have a backup of your contacts is to have the precaution of transferring your contacts from one cell phone to another on Android .

There are several ways to recover contacts or numbers from a damaged phone without a copy on the SIM. For example, backup programs, phone synchronization, among others. Here we will teach you three different methods that you can do to recover them.

Three methods to recover contacts without a copy on the SIM

First method

Log into your wireless account on your phone service website. Enter the backup wizard, as long as you are subscribed to one. These backup programs, such as “Back-up Assistant” from Verizon Wireless, automatically store your phone numbers or contacts.

Through these backup programs, users can access contacts, as well as add, edit, and delete contacts or numbers online. Of course, you can do this from any place or time.

However, you must make a minimum payment, something relatively little, if this allows you to have access to the contacts or numbers, regardless of the condition of the phone.

Second method

You can sync your new phone to your computer, in case you have made a backup to your old phone. Mobile devices come with their USB cable, this cable allows you to synchronize the phone or back up the information on it.

By synchronizing the phone you can retrieve the contacts or numbers, music, calendar entries and other available features. You can retrieve this at any time.

Therefore, if you previously synchronized your damaged phone, you can connect the new phone to your computer and that way you can download the stored information.

Please note that if you save additional contacts or numbers since the last sync, these contacts will not be available. That is, if you last synchronized three weeks ago, any contacts or numbers added since then will not be on the computer.

methods to recover contacts without copy on SIM

Third method

Visit a local dealer and ask them to transfer the contacts or numbers to your new phone. This can be done by connecting the phones to a computer system. In case the phone has been damaged by immersion in water, the dealer will not be able to perform this method.

This service is generally free and takes a few minutes. But if you bought your phone from another company or from a friend, it probably comes at a cost.

There are different methods to recover contacts without a copy on the SIM. You can do this through backup programs, phone synchronization, or by visiting a dealer. Only you decide the method that best suits your needs.

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