How to record television programs or movies on the hard drive of my Smart TV?

Connect a hard drive and record your Smart TV programs

You will need to purchase a hard drive that you can connect to your Smart TV to record your television shows or movies. If you already have it then use the input of the USB port of the TV to establish communication between the two. When you connect it, it will already be available to record any content you want: movies, series, sporting events, musical programs, awards, among others.

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Of course, you must remember that the amount of information you record on the hard drive will depend on the memory it contains. Then, you may be presented with the situation that to save a program you must delete and thus gain disk space. Therefore, if you are one of those who is thinking of hosting a lot of content, you should invest extra money in a hard drive that has a lot of memory.

One fact that you must manage is that some televisions require that the capacity of the hard disk be a minimum of 40GB and a maximum of 1TB. Also, when installing it, take preventive measures and scan it to see if it is recognized by the Smart TV and does not present any problem.

With everything under control, point your controller at the television and press the red button located at the bottom to begin the recording process. When the message “TimeShift” appears, press accept and that’s it! Your program begins to be saved in the memory of your hard disk.

What type of recordings can I make from my Smart TV?

With our device we can record live programs, that is, any content that is being presented at the moment. Also, we have access to a scheduled recording so that it automatically runs at a time that we have indicated even if we are not present at home.

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Go to your TV’s user guide and find the channel, show and time it is going to show. Once located, select it and choose the option to  schedule recording  and mark the unit that you will use, which, in this case, is the hard disk. When it is finished, you will see a message on the television that indicates that the work has already been carried out. In this way, you have made your programming to see it at the time you want.

Despite the fact that Smart TVs come in different brands, most have a very similar functionality when using a hard disk to record; and everyone should have their software updated from time to time . In addition to this, some also allow the use of other devices such as a pen drive to make recordings under certain restrictions.

If you haven’t purchased your hard drive yet, don’t wait to get it. Or if you have it full with other things, clean it of unnecessary files . So you can record those favorite shows and movies from your Smart TV for you and your family and share them at the most appropriate times. We hope we have given you the best guide in this post. Therefore, let us know your opinion of what you have read.

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