How to record phone calls made on iOS and Android? – Fast and easy

Through the following tutorial we will teach you how to record phone calls made on iOS and Android ? – Easy and Fast, something that could be very useful in different circumstances.

Keep in mind that the following tutorial is specifically designed to record common calls, another part if you want to record a WhatsApp call on Android and iPhone , you must visit the guide in the previous link, let’s continue.

Why can recording calls be useful? And other aspects that you should consider

First of all, we would like to make a clarification, in many countries the recording of calls is legal, mainly in Spanish-speaking countries. In any case, it is very important that you investigate the laws related to this process, to avoid any type of inconvenience.

On the other hand, there are a few utilities for call recording, such as:

To keep important information saved

One of the utilities that call recording has is that we will have a backup of all the information that is spoken during a certain conversation. This can be especially helpful if you want to recap what was discussed.

Another circumstance in which call recording can be useful is if you have some kind of legal problem. By recording a call you will have a trace of everything spoken, which could be evidence in the event of any inconvenience.

Still, as we pointed out above, you should inform yourself of the legality of the call recording process before starting to store them.

Nothing happens if between friends or for a project you record calls with the consent of both parties, but it must be clear that in many countries this practice is not legal and can lead to serious problems.

To later transcribe the information

This can be especially useful for journalists, as it is becoming more and more common to conduct interviews using call-in services. Clearly, to use a calling application in this context, it is necessary to inform the interviewee in advance that you will record it.

Make calls

How to record phone calls made on iOS and Android? – Fast and easy

As you will see, the call recording has various utilities, in any case, the process is different for each of the devices. For example, recording Skype calls and conversations with Audacity on your PC is not the same as it is on mobiles. Here we will teach you what you should know in relation to call recording on Android and iOS.

Record calls on Android

There are many tools to record calls within the Android operating system and Call Recorder – automatic is one of them, read the following information to learn how to obtain this application:

  1. The first thing you should do is enter the Google store, there search for “Call recorder – automatic”. You can easily recognize it, as it has a silver disc-shaped icon with a red dot in the middle.
  2. Once you locate it, click on the “Install” option .
  3. The application weighs approximately 20 MB, so the download process should be very fast, wait until it completes.
  4. When you have downloaded the application, you just have to run it. The first time the App is started, it will require activating certain permissions, click on the “Continue” option and provide the necessary permissions for the program to work.
  5. It should be noted that the application has a free trial period of three days, after which you must pay the equivalent of $ 3 per month. Still you can use it without any problem.

One of the most interesting points of the application is that it will start recording conversations automatically. When the recordings are finished, they will be stored in the internal memory of your mobile device.

On the other hand, you can review the following guide in which we also talk about this issue of recording Android phone calls . If instead you want to record calls on Apple devices, read the following guide.

Calling with mobile

Record calls on iPhone

Certainly Apple brand devices are a little less permissive in terms of call recording, so it is not always possible to perform this procedure. This depends exclusively on the rules and laws of each nation.

Even so, there are applications to record calls within iOS, such as Call Recorder Pro for iPhone, an application that you can access through the following link Call Recorder Pro.

Before using the application, we recommend that you inform yourself very well about the recording of calls and your mobile operator, since the application has a cost of $ 9.99.

There is also another trick with which you can record incoming calls on iPhone for free , although it is a bit more complicated than what we showed before.

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