How to put and activate the virtual keyboard on the screen of my Windows 7, 8 and 10 PC

If you have wondered how to put and activate the virtual keyboard on the screen of my Windows 7, 8 and 10 PC ? Here we will give you a brief but complete explanation of how to use it.

The keyboard is one of the most important peripherals when using a computer, since with this we type everything that is sent through the computer in terms of words. However, the physical keyboard can fail, so we have to know that Windows brings a function for these cases. With which we can even use our favorite emoticons.

How to put the virtual keyboard in Windows 7?

Windows 7 since its release, was the most popular version, having a very large number of sales and in turn of users, so it is not surprising that although it no longer has technical support from Microsoft, many people continue to use it.

To activate the keyboard there are two ways but they are extremely simple and easy to do. It should be noted that if you need to execute a command in the CMD console , you can do it with this virtual keyboard without any problem.

In the first method we will have to go with the mouse to the start menu, and notice that at the bottom of it we will have a search bar, here, we will have to click and type, ‘keyboard’, and wait without pressing enter. Then the search will start and in the first result we will get the option with the same name. It only remains to click and voila.

activate virtual keyboard on screen pc windows

Another way to activate the keyboard is also through the start menu, once we open it we will have to see the option that is under all the shortcuts that says ‘programs’. This will open a list of folders and we will have to look for the accessibility one, which is one of the first. If we look we will find the option to open the keyboard.

How to put the virtual keyboard in Windows 8?

The procedure to use the virtual version of the keyboard in Windows 8 is very similar to the one we will use in Windows 10, since the start menu is very similar in the latter two.

As a first step we must go to the start menu, this will display a whole window with the applications that we can use, but in order not to get tangled up, we will only have to look at the upper right corner, in which the symbol will appear to search .

When we click, it will give us the option to type what we want to search for and here we will only have to type what we need, which in this case is the keyboard, the search will be very fast, and it will give us the option, we click and that’s it.

In case of not being able to write and you only have the mouse, you have to open the start menu in the same way, but in this case instead of going to the search bar you have to click on the accessibilities icon, where you will find keyboard. It should be noted that due to its similarity to Windows 10 you can adjust the size of the keyboard in the same way in both systems.

How to put the virtual keyboard in Windows 10?

The on-screen keyboard is an accessibility that is practically in all Windows, and version 10 is no exception, here you can also open a keyboard that helps you when you have a problem with the physical, and deactivate it at any time. 

virtual keyboard screen pc windows

For this, as we always use the start menu, but in this case we will go to the box for the equipment settings, this is a new and improved version of the control panel, here we will have to look for the option for accessibility, which is normally found on the left side of the menu.

When we click, we will get all the options in a list, among these one of the first is the magnifying glass, and one of the last is the one that we care about in this case, which is the keyboard. By clicking on this we realize that on the right side we get options.

Here we can both activate it and make other configurations so that it is more comfortable to use in what we need.

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