How to put a password to a PDF file so that it cannot be modified

It is very important that we consider how to carry out this process. Not only because it helps us protect different PDF files; but because it is extremely simple and I can assure you that in a matter of a few seconds you will know how to set a password to a PDF file.

To carry out this process we are going to use Word. Which is a program that we all have installed on our computer, but if you don’t have it, you will have to download the Microsoft Word program. With Word we will not lose the format we have in a PDF file. You can even learn how to convert Word files to PDF with this simple tutorial.

We will see step by step how to proceed to add a password to a PDF in a few steps. Anyone regardless of whether they have extensive knowledge of PDF can apply this tutorial in a matter of few minutes.

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Set password to PDF file for free

On many occasions it happens that we have a file in Word format and we want to pass it in PDF. Even adding a password to it so that specific people can see the contents of the file.

In turn, if you don’t have a Word document that you want to convert to PDF, it doesn’t matter. Since Word is perfectly capable of opening any PDF file without losing absolutely anything in the process.

Therefore, we are going to use Word, which is a fairly complete and simple program to set a password to a PDF file. As an extra you learn to change the format if necessary.

  • We open the Word file in question.
  • Let’s go to “Save as …”
  • Once we are here we can choose where we want to save it. The important thing is the bar that appears below the name of the file, the one that says “Type “.
  • In the “Type ” bar we are going to choose the format. Choose the “ PDF ” format and you will see different options appear at the bottom.
  • Among those options we press the button that says “Options … ” and a new window opens.
  • In this window if you look at the bottom we have to mark “Encrypt the document with a password “. You simply have to mark this option and accept it.
  • When we do, another window appears where we can add the password we want, we must repeat it to confirm and once finished we simply press “OK “.
  • Now what we do is save it as we normally would and a sign appears warning us that the file is password protected. Simply click on ” Yes ” to confirm.
  • Then, in order to access this file, it will be necessary to indicate the password. If the correct password is not entered, this new PDF document cannot be accessed.

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How to add password to a PDF file

It’s that easy to add a password to a PDF file. As you can see with Word it is extremely simple and no one who does not know the password will be able to use the file in question. In turn, converting a Word document into PDF is a matter of a few seconds and the format is maintained without any kind of loss.

It is a fairly simple method since most have Office installed on their computer. So it is not necessary to be downloading more programs or use any kind of web application to achieve password to a PDF file.

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