How to properly install an SSD hard drive on my PC? – Fast and easy

An SSD hard drive can be very useful for you as it will help you increase the performance of your PC. In fact, you can migrate the system to SSD with AOMEI Partition Assistant or through other tools. For this reason, we recommend you read this article with which you will learn How to correctly install an SSD hard drive in my PC? – Fast and easy

What is an SSD hard drive?

An SSD hard drive is a device that is used to store data on chips. The technology of this device is based on NAND flash memories and the absence of moving elements which reduce consumption, noise and heat emission.

How do you know if your hard drive is HDD or SSD in Windows ? A hard drive HDD has rotating platters. For its part, the SSD hard drive has a particular structure that allows it to be attached to small trays with a different location than traditional hard drives.

What is an SSD hard drive for?

An SSD hard drive is used for data transfers, increasing computer performance through faster system startup, and opening applications. An SSD hard drive automatically reallocates bad sectors using additional memory cells and this contributes to increased lifespan.

Sandisk SSD

How to properly install an SSD hard drive on my PC? – Fast and easy

To put a PC into operation, it is essential to carry out the correct installation of its components. If you have an SSD hard drive and you want to learn how to install it on your computer, pay attention to the procedure that we explain below.

Materials needed to install an SSD hard drive

To mount an SSD hard drive on your PC you will need these materials: a screwdriver, an anti static bracelet, a free power cable (from the power source) and a SATA data cable. With these tools, you can take the following steps:

Prepare the computer before mounting the SSD hard drive in your PC

First, you must completely shut down the computer from the operating system or through the switch on the back of the power supply. It is best to disconnect the equipment from the power outlet to avoid damage to components.

Subsequently, it is essential that you use the antistatic wrist strap to ground yourself with the equipment. With this tool, you will avoid the passage of electricity that could cause damage to the devices.

Mount the SSD hard drive on your PC

It is time to find the SSD hard drive and dock it in your computer. The assembly process depends on the type of tray. If you have a removable tray, you should check the pins to match the four holes on the hard drive at the bottom. If you have a metal tray, also use the holes to hold the disc.

Motherboard ports

Make the connection to the motherboard to properly install an SSD hard drive in your PC

Find the SATA power cable and connect it to the motherboard or “motherboard.” This connector is characterized by having a horizontal L shape. You must take into account the position of the connector to prevent it from breaking. Then connect this cable to the SSD hard drive.

Reconnect the power cord, turn on the computer, and proceed to the SSD hard drive preparation process.

Prepare the SSD hard drive

To prepare the SSD, you must open the BIOS and verify that the disk was mounted correctly. Locate the “Boot” section and make sure the first boot device is the hard drive. Save the changes and restart the system to carry out a clean installation on this component.

Once you access the system, insert the CD of the manufacturer of your SSD hard drive to perform the installation. Click the “Install Now” button. Wait a few minutes while the application finishes this process. When you notice that the performance of your drive has dropped, you can optimize the performance of the SSD hard drive in Windows by managing virtual memory.

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