How to prevent Trojan viruses to protect my computer?

Today it is very necessary to work or perform certain tasks with our computers and it is very useful to take measures to prevent computer attacks. On the other hand, the virus most feared by users is the Trojan, this virus can easily contaminate your computer and steal your personal data . In this tutorial, it will help you how to prevent Trojan viruses,  and thus be safe from dangers. 

What is a Trojan virus?

Trojan horse or Trojan horse: it is a malware that disguises itself as authentic software, and that seems harmless, but is actually a harmful virus. This malware is widely used by cyber criminals and hacker to infiltrate users’ computers with the aim of stealing their personal data and spying on them.

Trojans enter the computer through infected files such as images, videos, movies, links that are attached to an email or chat on social networks.

They can also hide after a movie, game or app download. That is why it is advisable to configure the security of your PC when browsing the Internet , and be free from falling into the hands of the Trojan.

Symptoms that the PC reflects when it is infected by Trojans

  • The computer slows down.
  • You cannot connect to the internet or the browser is very slow.
  • Unsolicited windows or pages appear while browsing the internet.
  • The antivirus and the firewall disappear ; This is very common when your computer is infected, since the Trojan is responsible for disabling the security systems of your PC.
  • Your computer begins to perform functions or tasks on its own.
  • Messages appear on your desktop announcing endless things.

Although Trojans do not replicate themselves, they can be very harmful; Because these are designed for cybercriminals to access your PC remotely with the intention of breaching your security and stealing confidential data.

detecting trojan virus on pc

A Trojan can last for months on your computer without you realizing it, so you need to take steps to protect your computer from these malicious viruses.

How to prevent Trojan viruses to protect my computer?

  1. Install a reliable antivirus on your computer and update it every time an update is available, this is essential for its proper functioning. You can download AVG antivirus for free for PC , this is positioned as one of the best.
  2. Perform daily scans of your computer, sometimes a Trojan can escape antivirus protection; therefore carry out manual scans to eliminate hidden viruses on your PC.
  3. Do not click on suspicious links, or open videos, or documents that are not trustworthy.
  4. Make sure you visit trustworthy websites while browsing the internet.
  5. Use and update trusted browsers like Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox; since these browsers have protection mechanisms that warn of harmful websites; it also uses pop-up blockers to avoid unsafe windows.
  6. Never open email or social media attachments that seem suspicious or don’t know who the sender is.

What other recommendations can I follow

  1. Keep your operating system software updated ; an outdated system is an open door for viruses.
  2. Use a firewall on your PC to block viruses that try to sneak onto your computer.
  3. Keep your USB memory clean and format it if necessary before using it.
  4. Make backup copies of your data.
  5. Download games and movies from trusted sites.
  6. Use common sense when using the internet and do not get carried away by curiosity, since infected websites are usually very attractive.
  7. Keep an eye on the websites your children visit while using the internet.
  8. Stay informed about the latest types of Trojans that are circulating on the internet.

protect pc from trojan virus

As explained in this article, protect the PC with an antivirus, firewall, Anti Spyware and Anti Spam. Never leave your computer unprotected and follow the recommendations in this article. Avoid being a victim of cybercriminals and hackers, they are looking for security holes in your system to contaminate it and thus obtain your personal data.

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