How to Play 2 Songs or Videos at the Same Time on Android – Very Easy

There are some ways to listen to 2 songs or videos at the same time from an Android device , without much complication. This has been a much talked about and discussed problem, because official multimedia apps tend to cancel each other out by minimizing themselves.

Even so, achieving this simultaneous reproduction can be difficult if you do not know about the technique that can be achieved. It’s all about knowing the respective tricks to achieve this without having a bad impact on the device.

Learn with us to play two songs or 2 videos at the same time on your Android device with ease.

Applications to modify and open multimedia files on Android devices

Before we start talking about simultaneous file playback, we can talk about other things related to this topic. These are equally useful tips and tricks so that we have more knowledge about videos and music for Android.

For people who are addicted to music, there are free apps that help to play songs on phones. Many of these are based on various programs that allow you to play audio files stored in the phone’s memory.

In the Google Play store there are many apps of this type, some better than others, with different functions available. Those of better quality usually have tools such as an equalizer, to modify the bass and treble of the songs.

It is also possible to use photo and video editors on Android to modify these files without the watermarks. There are many tools available for people who like video and photo editing with effects and the like.

couple watching video

Most of these apps are based on placing elements on the videos and changing the audios with simple techniques. They are apps for people who are starting in the world of publishing, which usually only have these simple functions.

On the other hand, there are ways to add effects to videos with well-known applications in this category of apps. These videos are commonly used to upload them to social networks and share them with our followers who are attentive to our publications.

With these effects we can add more brightness to our videos and much more striking things to attract attention quickly. A video with many effects usually has many reproductions, so it can be worth a lot to have these apps.

Now we will talk about how to play two videos or songs at the same time within an Android device, with ease.

Play two audio or video files at the same time

The most useful way to play two songs at the same time on your Android is using an app. There are many in the store that allow you to listen to two songs at the same time, but they work with the use of headphones.

This is because they can send one song to play through one headset and another through the other headset. This is very useful when we share the headphones with a person and without having to listen to the same thing.

With regard to simultaneous videos, it is also possible to do so thanks to the apps that are available on Google Play. They allow you to play two videos at the same time so that recordings can be viewed simultaneously without interruptions.


One of the greatest interests of users and people is to play YouTube videos in the background. It is something very easy, you just have to be sure that Chrome has the notifications allowed within the settings.

We enter youtube from this web browser, and in its options we place the browser view option . We accept the notifications requested by the page, and select the specific video that we want to play in the background.

When this is ready, we can minimize the application and from the phone notification bar we can play the video. We do not need to open the application again, since it is playing the video from the notification bar.

This draws a lot of attention from people who like to listen to songs while doing something else important. There are also apps that allow you to combine several videos and edit the audio plus other things that are just as important in them.

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