How to partition a Micro SD memory and link applications from Android

This situation can become uncomfortable and distressing, since it could not only extend to the applications themselves, but also to other elements that take up space in the mobile system, as a result, you must constantly free up the internal storage space .

A solution from Android 6.0

Micro SD memory cards have been great allies to free up space on devices, saving files such as photos and music on them, help the internal storage of the device to stay a little more clear.

solution from Android 6.0

However, with constant updates, the memories seemed not to be enough. Under this problem, Google made available to its users the possibility of being able to download and install applications directly to the SD card, avoiding congestion in the internal storage of the phone.

Partition your memory in a simple way

If you have version 6.0 or later of Android, the procedure is much easier than for previous versions.

You can do it from your device, following the following steps:

  • Enter your phone’s settings.
  • Click on the System Settings option .
  • Access the Applications section .
  • Choose the application you want to move.
  • You will see a button with the option to Change, and then choose the Micro SD option , in this way, the application data will be transferred.

Considerations for previous versions

If your Android device has a version older than 6.0, don’t worry. The way you can install applications directly to your Micro SD memory card is more methodical, but just as simple.

For this process to be carried out, it is important that you have the superuser or root permission of your mobile device.

Not just any Micro SD

There are different types of Micro SD cards, which vary according to the storage capacity, the most recommended for this function would be type 6.

This type of Micro SD cards can be expensive, but they will provide a better experience, saving you uncomfortable and tedious moments with the applications, because the memory capacity is optimal for the proper functioning of the same.

Programs to partition Micro SD memories

Once these guidelines have been considered, you will need the program that will help you carry out the process. Among the programs that you can use are MiniTool Partition Wizard, Partition Magic and Paragon Partition.

However, the most recommended of all is MiniTool Partition Wizard, a lightweight program with a simple and efficient interface.

Starting the partition process

Once the program is downloaded and installed, you can start the partitioning process of your Micro SD card. This procedure is divided into two parts.

partition process

Partition destined for Data

  • Connect the Micro SD to your computer. This will be automatically recognized by the program.
  • Format the card by right-clicking on the graphic referring to the card’s storage and pressing the Delete option .
  • Once the card is formatted, repeat the previous step, but this time, click on the Create option .
  • A window will open to choose the partition parameters of the card. Choose the Primary option in the Create As section .
  • In the File System section , you will choose the FAT32 option , it is important that this is its format.
  • Give the partition a name.
  • Choose your partition size in the later sections.
  • Press OK.

Partition for Applications

  • Right click on the storage graph and press the Create option .
  • In the Create As section , you will continue with the Primary option .
  • While, in the File System section , you will choose the Ext2 option .
  • Press OK.

After completing these steps, you can download applications such as Link2SD, which allows you to easily move the applications to the created partition. Restart your device and start moving the apps to your Micro SD card.

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