How to optimize internet connection in Windows with TCP Optimizer?

No system is fail-safe, even the connecting network can fail at any time. For these particular cases, there are computer solutions for Windows that allow Optimizing the Internet connection, such as TCP Optimizer.

The TCP Optimizer application allows you to improve the Internet speed and the quality of the connection by modifying the MTU values ​​on the network card. A network can be affected without us noticing it when, when installing an application, it modifies the MTU value.

Know some previous terms


TCP is nothing more than a protocol that guarantees the transmission and control of data. Its objective is to ensure that the data packets reach their destination without errors. It also has the ability to differentiate between different applications, so it does not matter the difference in operating systems to deliver the information to its destination.


MTU stands for Maximum Transfer Unit and is the maximum size of each packet sent through the network. The MTU should be set as high as possible to avoid segmentation overhead.

How to optimize Internet connection in Windows with TCP Optimizer?

Before evaluating whether a network connection is behaving in an unconventional way , the connection speed must be evaluated. This is done by means of a speed test.

You need to know what the average speed of your connection is and if it suffers any variation during the day at specific times. There is a possibility that the speed of the Internet is affected by saturation in the network at a certain time.   If even after doing the test and determining that it is slower than usual, it is time to do a few configurations.

Optimize Internet connection

Download TCP Optimizer

Download the application from its official website according to the requirements of your Windows operating system. TCP Optimizer is compatible with older versions like Windows XP, up to newer versions like Windows 10.

It only weighs 668 KB and you should not do a previous installation to use it, since it is an executable. When you have the application downloaded, run it as an administrator to start using it.

Launch the app

The application’s graphical interface is quite simple and is optimized to be used intuitively. That is, you don’t have to be an advanced user to use it, just know the basics.

The first tab of General Settings, which is the one that interests us initially, is divided into three sections.

Connection Speed. There is a sliding bar where you must select the speed of your Internet connection according to the one assigned by your ISP. In the bar you can choose from a speed of 56 Kbps to about 100 Mbps.

Network Adapter Selection. In this section select which network adapter you use to connect to the Internet. Either by USB, the network card where the ethernet cable is connected or the wireless connection card. All available items will be displayed in a drop-down list.

In case your ISP uses the PPPoE protocol, you must check that box and the MTU value will change to 1492. But to make this change manually, the Custom option must be enabled.

optimize internet connection

The third section is made up of several network customization options that it is advisable to modify only if you know about networks. In case you do not have computer knowledge and you want to improve the connection speed, select the Optimal option found in the lower right part of the application.

When selecting optimal, all the values ​​are set by default in the way that would be best. To finish, press the Apply changes button for the changes to take effect.

It then allows you to save a backup of the previous configuration in case something goes wrong. Now restart the system to verify that the changes have improved the quality of the Internet connection. If the result is not what you expect, you always have the option of restoring the old configuration with the backup.

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