How to Open Encrypted Files with AXX Extension Easily

Although it may seem a bit silly, it is not and everything has its reason for being in life and the same happens with the extensions of the files that we can receive in an application on a daily basis. We have already talked about many file extensions, but now it is the turn of the AXX extension. They are a very curious type of file and below we will explain how to easily open encrypted files with an AXX extension.

open encrypted files

And as always we must start by explaining that it is an AXX file and these are nothing more than the storage of encrypted files that is, it is protected with a password.

They are developed by Axantum Software  and are used by AxCrypt, which are open source file encryption tools, but for Windows operating systems.

As with other files when you try to open it, if your computer or device does not have the program to open it, you will not be able to do so. But you should also know that other situations may occur that prevent the opening of said file. And here you can find an example of it, where you will see how you can open a KMZ file in Google Maps.

How to open encrypted files with AXX extension easily

And you may be wondering why the existence of this type of files and the answer is very simple, to avoid being opened by anyone. Especially if they are sent by email or uploaded to places like the Cloud. In these cases , the files are encrypted using specialized programs such as AxCript .

It is important not to make mistakes with these files and confuse them with the one with the AAX extension. As you know, although they are almost similar and differ in a single letter, they are very different files. Those with the AAX extension can be opened with programs like iTunes, as they are files that belong to Audible Enhanced Audiobook.

How to open a file with an AXX extension

First, you should know that in order to open files with this extension, you must have the AxCrypt Software installed on your PC. Once you have done this, keep in mind that if you double-click on the file to access it, but already logged into your AxCrypt account, the real file will be opened and not the one that is encrypted.

In this case you must do the following go directly to the menu and select File and then choose the option Open the protected menu. Be careful this is simply to open the file and not to decrypt it.

Now in order to decrypt it, we are going to do the following, with the mouse over the file, right-click and in the menu that appears, select AxCrypt> Decrypt.

You can also use the File – Stop Securing option, now you can go to the download page and here you can choose the option that you are most interested in using.

It is important at this point to know if Windows is opening the file with the correct program. Otherwise, you will have to change the program that Windows uses by default to open the file with the AXX extension.

We want to give you a valid warning, if you cannot find the application that can open this type of file, do not try to convert it to a different format. Otherwise the file content will remain encrypted and therefore will lose the information. For this reason, it is not to insist that you always use the AxCrypt program to open files with an AXX extension.

axx encrypted files

With the instructions described above, we think that you will not have problems with opening these files and you will only have to apply them in the systematic way as we offered them.

And if bigger problems we have shown you how to open encrypted files with AXX extension easily. But similarly you can apply the steps to open an IPSW file .

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