How to navigate safely on the Internet to avoid Spam?

In general, when browsing the internet, one usually receives a large amount of emails and information which, in general, is junk , so it always ends up being a tedious task trying to erase each and every one of them, to through deletion of web history .

However, there are people who, being bombarded with all this information, fall into various frauds and scams, which often even put their lives at risk.

For this reason, one of the things that is usually recommended to users in general, is the fact of not opening, under any context, any unofficial page that asks you for some type of information people since it is from here, where the called SPAM emails.

In general, SPAM is distributed in a massive way all over the world. It is for this reason that it always reaches your email. They are even considered as a disease or even a virus that undoubtedly cause them to be blocked by people .

In today’s post we want to give you some recommendations and tips to avoid this situation with which you will be able to avoid this headache.

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What is SPAM?

In addition to belonging to our Gmail mail as a folder. They are generally described as emails which usually contain information of the advertising type, which only seek to promote some type of products or even trips.

However, it has the characteristic of not being real and containing some type of virus if they are opened or creditors of some type of scam.

Tricks to avoid spam and protect ourselves on the Internet

Here we will leave you a detailed list of tricks and some strategies that you could take as a daily use if what you are looking for is to protect yourself within the network. Perhaps these seem a bit annoying and somewhat extreme, however, in the long run you will know how to appreciate it:

  • Start using Gmail as your main email. This email service is considered the best when it comes to tagging and attaching emails according to their category. It has a series of special filters which in addition to helping you classify your important emails. This email server protects you from advertisements and emails from people whose contacts are not in the contact list.
  • Use your email filters more carefully and precisely . Regardless of the server you have, you can access the filters and order them in addition to modifying them in such a way that you only receive emails from people who are within your contacts.
  • Try to avoid, as far as possible, all those messages that are chain.
  • Try as much as possible not to distribute your email on any website that requests it. It is important that you start to be a little jealous about it, since various websites around the world take advantage of it, to send you unnecessary information or, failing that, to try to access your accounts by means of a virus.

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  • As we mentioned in the previous point, one of the great sources of email capture comes from different forums or web pages which are not verified.
  • Many experts likewise explain that the ideal is to always stay alert with the news web portals and those derived from it, since that is where the massive traffic of emails is most seen without this being controlled in any way.

These are some important tips that we can provide you and those that will save you from various situations in which you could put your finances at risk.

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