How to modify or change the text of a web page with inspect element

Element Inspector

You’ve probably heard about the Element Inspector before. It is a tool integrated into practically all browsers, which will allow you to visualize the way in which these pages are structured.

In other words, it is a way of knowing, deeply, how the different types of elements that make up a web page are introduced, a very useful knowledge, especially if you want to venture into the world of page development.

Element Inspector

Different ways to use

As stated at the beginning, the vast majority of browsers have this built-in function. However, it is not usually accessed in the same way. In general, in browsers such as Firefox or Google Chrome, the way to access this tool is much easier: through the F12 key or through the options menu.

It is also very common that the tool is not shown as an element inspector, but as “View source code”, all this, depending on the browser you are using.

How does it work?

When activating the element inspector option, a window will open in the browser, which will show you the entire structure of the web page through the codes or HTML language. With the data that you can observe in the source code of the website, you can even learn how to create your own professional website .

From here you can select any element that is within this series of codes to proceed to modify them. It will be up to you to identify what type of elements you want to make a modification to.

Change texts with the element inspector

One of the most common uses of this tool is to edit texts found on the website. It is a fairly simple procedure and it can be used, in addition to adjusting a web page based on your usage preferences, it can be interesting when altering news titles to play a joke.

Change texts with the element inspector

How can you do it? You simply have to select the text you want to modify, press the right click and click on the option “Inspect element”.

In this way, the window corresponding to the function will open and it will locate you exactly where the text is. You just have to delete, write what you want and close the element inspector window and the change will be made automatically.

What you want, how many times you want

That’s all? Yes! With these simple steps you will already be modifying the text of a web page. It is simple and fast, without major complications. The recommendation, of course, focuses on selecting the text or element that you want to modify, so that you do not have to search for each element separately by scrolling through the window of this function.

Do certain restrictions apply?

The wonderful thing about this feature is that you are free to select what type of pages you want to make these modifications on. It does not matter if it is a local news page or Facebook, as long as your browser allows you to see the source code of a web page, you can carry out this operation. It is even possible to edit a web page through a professional tool: Wix.

A wonderful learning

In addition to making creative and fun modifications, this function is very useful for all those people who are interested in the codes and language that are part of the structure of a web page, so, do not take everything as a joke and pay close attention to the Item inspector content.

Haven’t you tried it yet?

You probably thought that it took a computer expert or even a hacker to alter the content of a web page. Now that you know how to modify and / or change the text of a web page, do you dare to try it? Share with other people this extraordinary function that your favorite browser saves.

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