How to measure the strength or strength of the Wi-Fi signal in Windows 10?

Nowadays, it is very important for people to have a Wi-Fi network with internet access at home. Since the invention of this type of wireless connection, everything has changed. And is that thanks to this technology we are able to do many things with our electronic device.

For example, it is possible to use your mobile device with an internet connection to watch movies as well as check your social networks. You can surf the internet and search for websites to carry out necessary transactions or just a site for something that looks interesting.

And although it is a very useful tool today, before this privilege and its facilities were not available to be able to function. Of course, it must be borne in mind that for optimal operation it is necessary to have a good quality connection. That is, you have to have a Wi-Fi network with a signal strength or strength within the expected range.

But if you don’t know how to measure Wi-Fi signal strength or strength then this article will help you a lot. This time we have prepared this article as a guide to show you in a simple way how to carry out this process in Windows 10.

What is a Wi-Fi signal?

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This is a technology that gives access to a communication wirelessly to the Internet of electronic devices. This can be done between devices or directly over a wireless network. For this, it is important to correctly create and configure a wireless or WiFi network.

The Wi-Fi Alliance company stated that any device is compatible. Which ensures total compatibility regardless of whether our devices do not have technologies from the same country.

One of the advantages of this type of network is that it represents greater convenience for users. The non-use of cables for the connection allows to be connected from anywhere within the signal range.

In addition, it is possible to connect more than one device to the Wi-Fi network without having to spend on instruments such as cables. So owning a wireless connection represents greater daily ease and cost reduction for human beings.

How to measure the strength or strength of the Wi-Fi signal in Windows 10?

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Getting to know the strength of the Wi-Fi signal in your Windows 10 is possible through a command line. So you must go to your menu and look for the section of “Command Prompt” for faster access type “cmd”.

To begin you must verify if your computer is connected to the Wi-Fi network to which its intensity or power will be measured. To do this, access the corresponding settings. If you are connected, continue with the command “netsh wlan show interface” and select “Enter”.

In this way, the command will give you access to information such as the description of your network adapter, type of network, etc.

What you want to know is “the reception and transmission speed” or (Mbps) accompanied by the strength of the Wi-Fi signal received. We will see that the signal data presents us with a percentage, we must bear in mind that 100% is the highest percentage.

So if we see that the indicator marks 100%, it means that we have the maximum Wi-Fi signal strength. On the other hand, if you find it very complicated and you personally find it difficult to handle commands, don’t worry, there is another way.

As another alternative you can use a technique through the graphical interface. You will find the “WirelessConnectionInfo” tool that is the one of interest to know the strength or intensity of your Wi-Fi signal.

This is totally free software that will give you access to see the detailed information of your current Wi-Fi signal. Having this information in your possession you will surely want to save it so you will like to know that it is possible to do it in an HTML file.

So the first thing you should do is download this tool and complete the routine installation to access its functions. When we run the tool in an automated way, a window will open that will contain the information about your Wi-Fi that you need.

Among the data that it will give you, you will be able to see the percentage of Wi-Fi signal strength to which you are connected. You will see that this tool will give you more detailed information than the one offered by the previous alternative with the command prompt. On the other hand, you can also look for the best programs to optimize and speed up your Windows 10.

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