How to make my laptop receive free TV signal step by step

Regardless of the place where you are, in your bed, living room, cafeteria or even in a restaurant, it is always necessary that we are communicating and learning about the latest news around us.

One of the most common ways in which people find out about daily events is with various television programs, both national and international. These are the places where we can learn about world and national events, in addition to providing us with entertainment and distraction after a hard day’s work.

However, there are several people, who due to multiple factors do not have any type of television or broadcast signal, so this action is complicated depending on the scenarios.

However, if you have a PC with an internet connection , all is not lost, since it is possible that you receive an open TV signal, simply and quickly without having to suffer so much for it. If all this has caught your attention, stay within this post and learn more about the subject here.

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What are the steps to follow?

  1. To start you must buy a USB TV tuner adapter, which you can buy at any technology store closest to your home. Once you have purchased this device, you must proceed to connect it to your portable device, using the adapter.
  2. Once connected, you must install the software that corresponds to the device and which comes in a special way for your laptop. This is one of the most important steps, if what you want is to access the vast majority of local open television channels.
  3. After that, you must equip your laptop with a special card, which is called “TV tuner PC card “. Its function is basic since it works in the same way as a USB adapter would. However, it offers this one greater stability. USB adapters, and likewise TV cards, generally come integrated with software, which will allow your device to tune in to open channels.
  4. After that, you must connect the antenna, which will most likely come with the USB adapter or also with the TV card. With which you can receive broadcast television signals easily and simply.
  5. As a last step, we recommend using the Media Center software, which comes with your TV card, USB adapter or, failing that, with your laptop, in order to program and record TV programs .

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How to have television through the Internet on your computer

This is a secondary option which you can take into account as long as the first does not work the way you want. There are different online platforms, which allow you to subscribe and access various television signals, both open and national.

These networks are also known as streaming channels or IPTV applications  which generally work without any type of software, from your web browser, and with easy access. Likewise, you can opt for TV programs that are specially designed for our PCs.

This means to refer to those applications that were developed specifically to be able to watch television from your device and that therefore bring together all those channels within the same software.

Which also saves you time and greatly improves the users’ playback experience ; With these tools, you will always be connected to all the entertainment you want.

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