How to log in to PayPal

PayPal is a platform with which you can receive money, transfer to other users and buy online without the need to resort to conventional payment methods such as cash or checks. This company is American, but it allows handling a wide variety of currencies without the need to go to an exchange office, this is the reason why it predominates among sellers and online stores worldwide.

Access the PayPal service

Login to PayPal 

(you can also access https://www.paypal.com/  and press the “Login” button)
If you don’t know how to login or need help, keep reading!

To check your account statement or make purchases online, you must log in to PayPal ; Depending on the way you want to do it (website or application), you will have to follow some quick and simple guidelines. In the event that you are having a problem to log in or you simply don’t know how, at InfoCuentas we will help you do it step by step and without inconvenience.

Sign in to Paypal through the web

In PayPal money and confidential information are handled; then, the recommended way to start session is the web, since it is safer and easier when checking if it is a copy or not. To log in, you must have your email or phone number and password.

  1. Go to https://www.paypal.com and locate in the upper right corner a button that says ” Login “, then click on it.
  2. Then, enter your email or cell phone number and click on ” Next “.
  3. Now, you must enter your password and click on ” Login “. If your password is complex and it is difficult for you to type it, you can select the ” Show ” option that appears on the right.

If all the information you have entered is correct, you should be logged in immediately. Remember, when entering your password, do so with caution, because if you try too many times, the account may be locked.

Sign in to PayPal from the app (Android and iOS)

The PayPal application for Android and iOS will be very useful to check your balance, buy and transfer to other users in a fast and practical way. Logging into this platform through its application is just as simple as on the web, below we will show you how to do it.

  1. First of all, you must have the PayPal application installed on your device; Make sure that the application you are going to install is the correct one, since there are imitations that seek to steal your data. So that you do not complicate, these are the download links:PayPal app for Android,PayPal app for iOS.
  2. When you open the application, you will see a screen with sliding messages and at the bottom two options, click on ” Sign in “.
  3. You must enter the email and password of your account in the corresponding fields. If you prefer to use a phone number that is linked, click on ” Use mobile number ” below the password field.
  4. After entering the required data, click on ” Login ” at the bottom.

If you did not make a mistake when writing any of the data or you skipped a step, then you will have logged in without problems.

I’m having trouble logging in! And now?

The problems to log in can derive from some mistake at the time of writing the necessary data to log in or from some extraordinary inconvenience that can be solved by PayPal services quickly.

  • Password is incorrect.
    You may have forgotten your account password due to time without logging in, or PayPal forced you to change it due to unusual activity. The solution is simple, you just have to enterthis link, enter the email with which you created the account and click ” Next “. Several options will appear with which you can quickly reset your password.
  • The email you entered does not exist.
    If you have forgotten the email associated with your account, you must enterhere and enter three addresses that you remember having ever used, then hit ” Next ” and do a Google captcha. If indeed PayPal detects that there is a match, it will give you the option to log in or retrieve it.
  • Access denied for entering an incorrect password too many times.
    For security reasons, PayPal may block access to your account due to suspicious activity when trying to log in; Entering the password incorrectly on numerous occasions can be considered one. To solve it you must call PayPal customer service directly through this number: 0800-222-0252.

Fortunately, PayPal is a company capable of handling the problems that may arise with the login and solving most of them. The important thing is that you always provide legitimate data so that there are no inconveniences to recover your account and log in.

Tips for secure login

It is very important to be careful when logging into PayPal, because it is not an ordinary page, but a platform that handles money and highly personal data. Next, InfoCuentas will give you some tips to log in safely.

  • Verify that the web address you have entered is correct.
    There are an immense amount of pages that try to imitate PayPal almost perfectly with the sole objective of stealing your data. Therefore, before logging in, make sure that the address you have accessed is correct. The legitimate address ispaypal.com, more text will be displayed depending on the region you are in, for example,paypal.com/es (Spain) and on the left a green padlock that certifies your security.
  • Keep your password up to date.
    Your password is what you have to take care of the most if you want to keep your account safe, it is best to update it from time to time to prevent hackers or people who are looking to guess it from being successful. In PayPal, you must log in and go to the Security Center to change your password.
  • Do not save your password on other people’s computers.
    Normally browsers give you the option to save your password so that the next time you have to enter it you only have to click one. If you are going to enter your account from a computer that is not yours, always reject the requests that appear to save the password.
  • Have a working and updated antivirus.
    It is very important that you have an antivirus working and with its updated database, since if you become a victim of a virus, hackers could steal all your information.

By following these guidelines you will be able to keep your PayPal account safe, without inconvenience.

About PayPal

PayPal was founded in 1998, its headquarters are located in San José, California, United States. Today, it is one of the most popular payment processing companies in the world; This reputation was built primarily by sellers of online services or products.

The currencies that are handled in PayPal are considerable, one of the characteristics for which it has achieved such renowned success is the ease with which one currency is exchanged for another. If your PayPal account is configured to manage dollars and you want to buy online but the product is in euros, it does not represent any problem for the platform; It calculates the difference in value and automatically converts one currency to another in order to execute the operation.

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