How to log in to AirBNB

AirBNB is a platform where you can make reservations for accommodation or offer accommodation in one of your properties to anyone easily and quickly. The interesting thing about this platform is the reputation system it has; accommodation owners and their guests can value each other. If you want to log into AirBNB you can use the following button :

Access the AirBNB service

Sign in to AirBNB

(you can also access https://es.airbnb.com/ and press the “Login” button or search for accommodation without having to log in)
If you don’t know how to log in or need help, keep reading!

To interact with your profile and offer accommodation or reserve accommodation, you must log in. You can do it the casual way on the web or in the mobile application, using your email address and password, or associating your Facebook or Google account. If you need help to do so, keep reading this post until the end to learn how to log into this platform.

From the web

One way to log into AirBNB, to manage your accommodation offer or accommodations, is on the web; You can access using your email and password or by associating your Facebook or Google account.

  1. Enter the page of https://es.airbnb.com/ and press the icon of the three horizontal lines located in the upper right.
  2. You will see the options to log in from Facebook and Google, your email, etc. Choose the one you want, in this case, an email will be used.
  3. After you have written them, click on the button that says ” Login “.

Clever! You will have already logged in; If you are on a personal PC, you can check the ” Remember me ” box to avoid entering the data again when you want to log in and, if it is difficult for you to enter your password, you can click on ” Show password ” while you type it.

Login with Facebook and Google

When you link your Facebook or Google account on AirBNB, the next time you log in you will do it with a single click. This is the fastest way to enter, that is why below you will learn how to do it:

  1. In the AirBNB main page, go to the upper right corner and click on the three horizontal lines, then select “Login”
  2. To log in with Facebook, press the corresponding button and (if you are not logged in) enter your data to log in in the pop-up window that appears. In the case of having a session started, you just have to click on the blue button that says ” Continue as “.
  3. In the case of Google, repeat step 1 and click on the button ” Sign in with Google “, a pop-up window will open in which you must enter with your Google account or, if you already have one or more synchronized, select the one that you want to use.

  4. Finally, in the same Google tab, it will ask you to fill in your information, including your date of birth; When you’re ready, hit the red button that says ” Finish logging in.”

In 4 simple steps you have learned to log in with Facebook and Google on AirBNB; The next time you want to do it, you only have to press one of the two buttons and you will automatically be inside.

From the application (Android and iOS)

The AirBNB application for Android and iOS is an excellent quality that this service offers, since it will be very useful when you want to manage the advertising of your property or reserve an accommodation as quickly and slightly as possible.

  1. Download the application from its official stores: for Android,for iOS.

  • You open it and, to log in in an ordinary way, you click on the text that says ” Log in ” at the top right.
  • Enter your email and password, then press the white circle at the bottom to log in.
  • To log in from the application with Facebook, you must open it and on the main screen press the button that says ” Cont
    nue with Facebook
  • If you already have a Facebook account associated with your mobile device, you just have to select it to log in. Otherwise, in the same menu that appears after pressing the button, you can add one.
  • These steps are enough for you to log into AirBNB from your mobile device, keep in mind that you need a Wi-Fi connection or mobile data to do so.

    Main problems when logging in

    If you’re having trouble logging in, then check out the text we’ve listed below for a couple of common problems and their solutions.

    In case you have a bigger problem logging into AirBNB, you can check the support page.

    Tips for secure login

    You probably want to keep your account safe when logging in but don’t know how. To do this, you must take into account the following tips from this list:

    These tips will help you log in safely; add to each of them the use of common sense and your account will not take more risks.

    About AirBNB

    AirBNB is a company that offers a platform to reserve accommodation and host guests in any property that you decide to publish. It was founded in 2008 by Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia and Nathan Blecharczyk; Its main headquarters are in San Francisco, California, United States and today it offers more than 2 million properties in 192 countries.

    Its name, part of an acronym that in English means air, bed and breakfast, that is, air, bed and breakfast. Statistics count that just four years after its launch (2012), AirBNB users made more than 10 million bookings. In addition, it has a rating system that allows the general public to know the quality of the accommodations and guests.


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